October 31, 2019

What subdomains for my app?

Sam A @Adisa

I have a new domain called MobileGiving.app, (you guessed it, the product is a mobile donations app). Not sure what subdomains would make sense for the actual app. app.mobilegiving.app would just be wierd... any ideas or suggestions?

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    A subdomain isn’t always ideal for SEO purposes, of course it doesn’t matter as much for an actual app.

    mobilegiving.app/go or something like that?

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      +1 here, better to go with a subdirectory for SEO. Also, it's just less work in terms of hosting (1 server versus 2)

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    Cloud, portal, and dashboard are common subdomains that could fit in this situation.

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      Thanks for this! Cloud / portal sounds great for a SaaS that I'm developing.

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    I've found that my.mobilegiving.app is the best. Because when you load it you think "Ok I'm going to my mobilegiving control panel"

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      I really like this suggestions. My.mobilegiving.app is easy to remember cos it’s literally like saying “my mobile giving app”.

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I would have two or three TLDs. Put your corporate/marketing stuff on one, and the stuff with sensitive cookies, like login sessions, on the other. This way you can easily outsource your WordPress hosting or whatever by pointing the corporate domain name server records appropriately. You may also want a third TLD for serving cookieless static resources. TLDs are super cheap these days, and separating these roles out will save you grief down the line.

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      Would have done this but the .com is not available and not so keen on a .net or other.

      Also from an SEO perspective i guess having everything on a single TLD would be beneficial

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    Normally I would go with app.mobilegiving.app, but dashboard.mobilegiving.app makes more sense here.

    However customers rarely type that domain.

    Also good to see you using a subdomain, lots of developers will use www. and that makes life a lot harder when they want to add blogs etc.

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      Yes I agree. My current domain is yoodonate.com and the app is app.yoodonate.com but I’ve had feedback from customers to make the domain more “obvious”. So I purchased MobileGiving.app.

      I like the idea of dashboard subdomains, but feels more suited to the non-profit admins. For the random donor, maybe donate.mobilegiving.app would make sense.

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        That also works

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    Do you need to have a subdomain? I've just used certain routes in the past such as mobilegiving.app/dashboard etc.

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      You’re right. Maybe the subdomain sn’t necessary after all. Will speak to my dev guy and consider this as a solution