What tech stack is everyone using?

Interested to know what tech stack are people using?

Angular, Tailwind, Firebase?

React, Material, Postgres?

Next, Material, Firebase?

So many out there to choose from. Would be great to get an idea of what people are using.

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    I'm using React + Rails. The stack really isn't as important as you think though.

    As long as you're comfortable with it and it lets you do what you need to do then you'll be fine.

    Don't learn a new framework just because it's the new trend. The ROI for your time investment is usually not worth it.

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    Frontend: SvelteKit. Tailwind. Hosted on Vercel.
    Backend: Rails API, PostgreSQL, Redis. Hosted on Heroku.
    Mobile: Flutter

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    I'm using Angular.

    Don't have much experience with it since I'm a mobile developer

    But if I'm stuck I personally know experienced people who can help me and codebases in production I can take inspiration from so having support is important IMO

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    Rails + TailwindCSS / TailwindUI for Sponsaurus.
    Carrd for the main landing page - Sponsaurus landing page.

    Overall been pretty easy to work with things.
    Deploying the app to Heroku was pretty simple overall, and Carrd made it super easy to throw a landing page together.

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    Firebase (looking at Supabase)
    Contentful (CMS)

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    Next.js, Chakra-UI, Hasura (GraphQL, REST, PostgreSQL) that's it.

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    React, Next, Tailwind, Vercel, Contentful.


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    For namy.ai I'm using:

    Bootstrap + vanilla JS
    Heroku + GCP cloud run

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    Next + Tailwind + TypeScript + AWS => Nextless.js SaaS Boilerplate

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    React, Next, Tailwind, Firebase, Vercel, Stripe

    Can’t go wrong with that!

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    Spring Boot + Thymeleaf + MySQL + Bootstrap 4 + AWS + DigitalOcean ---> AcquireBase

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    For OmniMoney, I'm using:

    • React + Chakra-UI for front end
    • Nhost for auth, data, and storage
    • Plaid for automatic bank account balance and transactions importing
    • Netlfiy for deployment
    • Unicorn Platform for the landing page (check it out using ^ that link ☺️!)
    • Linear for project management
    • Notion for project wiki
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    Next, Bulma, Firebase, Stripe, and Vercel. If I was starting over though I'd probably go with Material UI.

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    The current stack that I see in trend is:

    Next + TailwindCSS + HarperDB

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    React, Firebase, NextJS

    Keeping it super simple for https://mylinks.ai/

    And we use a couple of APIs to make the site functional

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