What tiny simple thing are you going to do today?

I'm a full-time student but I'm also trying to build my MVP into something I can ask people to pay for. I find that it's hard to be consistent in iterating so I'm trying to do a tiny thing every day that will compound over the next couple of months. I think that it's important to keep up some level of progress no matter how small.

So to all the busy hackers out there what tiny thing are you going to do today to improve!

I'll go first! Today I'm going to add a hover feature over a user's bookmark graph in lxi.ai so that user's know what they are looking at.

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    I'm working on an extension that will copy code from websites with one click

  2. 2

    Removing node-sass dependency and switching to postcss

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    Because I'm confident I can get something out within a week of a new project I've started to work on the landing page (with Carrd)

    By working on the landing page It's forced me to pick certain words and edit some phrase I thought were good until I saw them in print. I got a pretty decent foothold on the language I'll use in the project itself. And that wouldn't have happened unless I wrote the landing page.

    So I'm glad I'm working on this instead of doing the project and then going back and editing the micro copy.

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    @devin132 I am working on adding Google Calendar integration to my productivity tool Brutask.com today! Great post btw!

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      Love the simplicity of your app - I'll be trying it out!

      1. 1

        Happy to hear that! Did you get a chance to try it yet?

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    Sounds interesting, have you think about make it open source? and you could make money by github sponsors

    1. 1

      I have open-sourced some projects in the past, but this project needs a reliable server infrastructure and costs scale with usage so I'm not sure open source is the best mode for this project. I'd definitely like to hear arguments on the contrary though!

      I've seen people talk about github sponsors but know very little about it. How does it work?

      Also any little thing your gonna do today?

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        I'm in the same as you haha, I want to monetize my extension but not sure how, I'm exploring some ideas but this is a hard decision for me, some friend told me about sponsors, and sounds good, but unknown.

        Today I'll be continue thinking about it, explore alternatives, and set a google analytics to my app 🙆🏻‍♀️

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          Ooh my project seems relevant here! Check out ExtensionPay which gives you a simple API to take payments in your extension without needing to run a server.

        2. 1

          Let me know if you discover a good monetization scheme! I'm trying out your app and I like the idea.

          With lxi.ai I now have a way to sort the information I run into when browsing but it's not for the links I visit on a day-to-day basis. For those links, I think something like Pau works very well. It reminds me of an early internet directory but personalized. I just installed it!

          1. 1

            Sure! if you have TT follow me and I'll follow you back (@Vic_E_Gonzalez), it would be cool to see how lxi.ai grows.

            I'm trying your extension too 🔥

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              Awesome followed you and sent you an email with an updated extension!

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