April 16, 2019

What to do when desired change is not happening?

Alex Martynov @AlexMartynov

Hi all,

There are times when we know what to do but still not doing it. It can be frustrating as it's not clear what to do in such cases.

There is one model that can help. I write about it in my blog.

Hope you find it useful

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    @PaulD, @QuaffAPint, @andrew_bpco, @joelhans I would like to hear how helpful this model for the examples you've shared

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      I know it's a bit late, lol, but I haven't forgotten about this. Sorry, I still haven't read it thoughtfully.

      What I had noticed from scanning the article though was the "formula". Perhaps it's just me and my pet peeve, but I personally don't like formulas used in a poetic and not precise math context. Seeing a formula like that immediately evokes distrust in the article: i.e., I start thinking that the author tries to manipulate me into thinking they are academic and reputable. I guess I got this pet peeve from the university where various old-fashioned social sciences professors were using formulas in their lectures to artificially add substance to their points. It just screams "bullshit", even when it may not be.

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        Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I see where are you coming from.

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