Podcasters October 7, 2020

What to do when listener count starts to flatten out?


I am curious about what everyone does when they notice growth starting to slow and the listener figures starting to remain mostly level. I'm not talking about those odd spikes, more when you notice that a particular approach is starting to have a lesser effect?


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    Try something new. Happening to me right now with one acquisition channel.

    A good book for this is "Decisive" by Chip&Dan Heath and their chapter on "expanding your options".

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      Thanks for the book recommendation I will check it out.

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    Every growth "hack" has diminishing returns. Move on to the next one.

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      Good advice..also applicable to startups in general, not just podcasting.

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    Not sure your episode count and that may make a difference. Our is at about 60 and we've been at it for about a year ( https://www.runwithit.fm. )

    I'm also in a group that meets regularly to discuss podcast growth and we've had perspective from folks with 60K downloads per month and more who've been at it for many years...

    Many folks have said it wasn't quite clear why their were fluctuations when there were. Consistency seems to help (just making sure to release episodes 1-2x per week.

    On top of that, just always trying to improve in some way. I think as long as you care to improve and you keep at it the number will grow over the long run. Courtland told us that his top growth factors are quality and consistency. (Continuously improve quality and regularly release episodes.)

    By the way, we'll be having Courtland into a small group to discuss podcast growth tomorrow if you'd like to join:

    Here is where you can reserve a spot if this interests you:

    Registration is free at the moment.

    If you miss that session and you want to join future ones follow our Eventbrite page for updates: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/eathan-janney-rob-greenlee-henry-lopez-vinay-koshy-30937844495

    p.s. put your podcast up as a project on Indie Hackers so people can find out about it. You can also report your progress and learnings.

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      Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

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