October 21, 2020

What tool do you use for product videos?

Marie Martens @MarieMartens

Hi everyone!

What tool do you use for making product screencaps or GIFS (to share on social media for example)?

I'm thinking of things like adding a background color or image, text, or a zoomed-in section.


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    Did you find a tool for your videos?

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      Hi @nanatoni! I'm trying out several tools, but we postponed a launch for which I needed them, so might need a bit more time. Keep you posted!

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    Premiere & After Effects

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    Hi Marie,
    If you want to generate something not-trivial (and you're on Windows), I shamelessly recommend my app - https://studiocinematic.com - we've got some really cool effects.
    Cutting/cropping/speed ramping is very easy. And if you want to go truly advanced, you could even do something like this: https://twitter.com/StCinematicApp/status/1317591608213331970

    Good luck!

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      I'm on Mac, but thanks for sharing!

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    Recently I have used Camtasia and it has pretty nice features. Apart from basic editing features every product has, you can also zoom in, zoom out, outline clicks, and other things that you need to make a nice product video.

    It has a trial for 30 days, it's enough time to record more than one video :)

    Today I also found descript.com. Looks like future to me, but I don't know about the exact features because I have never used it before.

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      Thanks a lot! Will definitely try both of them out!

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    I use https://storycreatorapp.com to make videos like these https://twitter.com/michaelaubry/status/1316656672534716416

    I plan to add some templates today specifically for product videos https://storycreatorapp.com/templates

    Going to add a nice background and a minimal web browser mockup in the middle and a demo video inside that can be swapped out. There will be enough room at the top for text.

    Let me know if you have any styles you like and I will make it a template.


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      Hi Michael, thanks! I'll try it out!

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    I've used Screenflow and Rotato in the past. I am now working with Tumult Hype for animations.

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