Product Development February 18, 2020

What tool I can use to build a multi-languages static website?


Currently, we have a static website, which we use Google Sites to build it.

It is an essential part of our customer support process. As, there are 2 important pages in the website.

Most of the times, when our customers have any issue, we can point them to either FAQ page, or the video page.

As our user base grows, this is no longer viable. As, we do have significant users from non-English speaking region like Russian, Spanish, Japanese, ... So, pointing them to English language website, doesn't make much sense to them.

We already invest heavily in our mobile app product localization. So far, it supports more than 10 languages. We would like to do the same on static website too.

Google Sites is a great tool to us. As, we only have primitive website design skill. So, Google Sites helps a lot in putting up a professional looking website, quickly!

Is there any tool available which is closed to Google Sites, but enables us to build multi-languages static website?

Thank you.

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    What time of mobile framework do you use ? Maybe you can export it for web + integrating localisation change in the app

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    Update: I managed to code a script to perform the machine translation via API.
    Should I make it as a SaaS? :)

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    Looking for the same