Ideas and Validation August 2, 2020

What tools do you use for virtual events & community?

Felix Wong @felix12777

Are you one of the active event participants or community builders who need a platform to maintain interaction with the community?

There are so many choices, such as Discord, Zoom, HeySummit, Livestorm, Toasty AI, Remo, Hopin, etc.

How do you prioritize requirements in terms of delivering successful virtual events? What is your goal?

I've designed a directory with over 70 options where you can choose from. 2 months now, and there are over 110 options already.

I'm putting up this post to hear your opinion and further validate your need. Keen to hear your thoughts :)

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    Wow, great list, Felix! Thanks for sharing.

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      Welcome @skillthrive - you’re welcome! What other features you wanna see?

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    I'm using Zoom and Slack mostly. Zoom now has a breakoutroom-feature which is super useful and helps bring interactivity to our online meetings.

    I find that many other tools either don't have this, or they do have it but aren't as good in other ways. Also, it takes so much time to evaluate all these tools, that a directory like yours should be pretty useful!

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      You should definitely try created by @kevon

      Thanks for your feedback tho :)

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    Nice! I tweeted it to the events community

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      Yea saw it! Thanks for supporting @LaurenceM - how can we support your community?

  4. 1 has a new format that I like a lot

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      New features? Would love to know more @jschiarizzi

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        there's like tables that you can join and leave? I dont know how to describe it but it was cool for the last conference I did

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          @jschiarizzi ah gotcha! Must be - how's your experience so far?

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    Great list Felix! Any chance we could get added to the list please? We're launching in the next few weeks.

    Tidze is an all-in-one ticketing and live streaming platform, built for musicians, entertainers and creators.


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      Hey Liam @tidze - I saw you joined the newsletter series :)

      Happy to feature and schedule a spotlight, can you please list the product here so that I get your info correctly!

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        Hey Felix, I sure did! It's useful for me to know what's going on in the world of live streaming and to keep track of potential competitors :D

        Great, I will submit Tidze after we launch - hopefully by end of this week.

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          Oh that's awesome! Let's also stay in touch and exchange ideas on Twitter (my link in profile) if you're on it :)

          Can I grab your comment as a quote :p ? @tidze

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            No worries! Really like what you've created and it's such a useful resource for me. Certainly, feel free to use my comments.

            Following both of your Twitter accounts from both of my own accounts ;)

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    Great list Felix! I would never have known about 90% of these.

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      My pleasure! @Duscle - have you also joined the newsletter series? You will receive the latest trends around this every 2 weeks :)

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    Hi Felix,

    Your "70 options" interested me, and when I got there I couldn't find this. Looked on the home page, didn't see it. Looked in search, wasn't there. Checked to see how comprehensive it was by looking for my favourite webinar software, wasn't listed.
    I lost interest very quickly to be honest. YASD, Yet Another Software Directory. But perhaps it isn't for me.

    What I would think would be useful would be if you made a YASD that specialized in showing integrations. That way, for example, if I was already using CRM x and planning tool y, it lists all of the software that integrates with both. Would be a ton of work for you not only building the list but maintaining it, but I could see a use there.

    Best of luck!

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      Hey @antarctican thanks for stopping by and offering insights.

      Can you please walk me through what's your favorite webinar software, I read through your comment but don't seem to see a name.

      When you say integrations and CRM as well as planning, does it mean we should verticalize the options per special use case in terms of virtual events? Cheers.

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        My software of choice in that area is WebinarNinja.

        I'm just one guy, that idea that I suggested is just one idea, so don't take it too seriously. But it would be a way of distinguishing your list from all the other ones out there. I'm sure there are more ideas I haven't thought of.

        kind regards