Growth July 7, 2020

What tools do you use to run the marketing and growth of your indie business?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

What (SaaS) tools do you use to run the marketing and growth of your indie business?

(Inspired from @breedaddy who posted a link to Podia's founder tools they use.)

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    Here's what I use for Polypane

    Task management: Trello
    Operations: Amazon SES, Calendly, Zoom, Paddle,, Dropbox, Typeform
    Development: DigitalOcean. GitHub, Amazon Cognito, Sentry
    Marketing: Google Analytics, Segment, Fullstory,, Sendy, Tweetdeck
    Product: Atom, Polypane (:
    Support: Drift, Slack

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      checked out your product. really cool!

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        Thanks! :)

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      Isn't full story expensive? compared to hotjar. do you also use it for debugging issues

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        I use it on a free startup plan, so I don't really know! I used it to check where I could improve the UI but not much else.

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    Here is what I use for Startup Sanctuary.

    Team Collaboration: Slack, Trello, GSuite, Notion

    Operations: Calendly, Google Calendar, Zoom, Whereby, loom, Descript, Stripe, Gumroad

    Marketing & CMS: Hubspot, Wordpress

    Design & Creativity: Canva, MindMeister

    Networking: Lunchclub, Cuppa, CafeCito

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      Oh Descript is really cool product. I've been looking for something like this for so long. Thanks for sharing.

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        Yes it is a very good tool. You are welcome @shad

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    Wowzers, more than I thought. Currently:

    Website: Ghost, Blue Ocean, Stripe
    Community: Discourse
    Media: Zoom, Anchor, Crowdcast
    Marketing: Twitter, Buffer, Canva, EmailOctopus
    Other: Notion, GoogleDocs/Forms/Calendar, Simplenote, Calendly, Loom
    Future possibilities: Zapier, Whereby, Reddit, Quora

    Phew, I think that's all of them.

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    Our main tools for Taskable: Tandem, Slack, Zoom, Clubhouse, Zapier, Whimsical, G Suite.

    I've been trying to do a survey on this subject over the past couple months - here's the preliminary results <- presentation can use a bit of work

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    Here's what I use for:

    Intercom, DigitalOcean, Trello, CircleCI, Helpscout, Typeform, Github, Stripe, Notion, Slack & Abstract.

    Wow, didn't realise how standard we are.

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    I use these little guys for Striking Digital and most of my other projects.

    Graphic Assets: Photoshop, Canva
    Task: Free Tasks app from Google and Microsoft as it syncs everything from time to date.
    Digital Presence: WordPress, Wix, Opencart
    Payments: PayPal, Stripe, Slimvoice, Qwilr proposals, 2checkout (rarely)
    Operations: Gmail, Calendly, Zoom, Google Meets, and Drive
    Development: AWS, OVH, Hetzner, and a few shared hosting guys
    Marketing: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Social Chief, Twilio, Sendpulse, Mailchimp
    CRM: Hubspot
    Support: Twilio, Crisp, Slack

    Thanks for the template @Killian ;)

    Update: These are the few I use regularly. There are other ones I use for my projects too.

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    To OP - thanks for the insightful thread. And to those answering, a thanks as well.

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    Outreach, lead enrichment, customer on-boarding : (our own product)
    Operations: Sendgrid, Zoom
    Analytics: Segment, Mixpanel, GTM
    Billing: Recurly, Stripe
    Development: GCP, Bitbucket, Sentry
    Marketing:, Delighted, HugoCMS
    Support: Zendesk

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    I just started offdesign last Friday.

    • hosting : Github repo + Render
    • marketing : substack for newsletter
    • content : going to use Canva + Buffer
    • Analytic : Google Analytics
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    Growth: Experiments from GrowthHackers!
    Marketing: Workflow from GrowthHackers, Canva and Autopilot
    Data: Segment, Clearbit, Amplitude
    CRM: Hubspot

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      I find Amplitude an under-rated tool. I don't hear about it often, but it's very useful and has a nice UX.

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        is it useful when you have more data to quantify.. at early stages I thought qualitative view (e.g. hotjar, fullstory kind) is good enough

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    Team Collaboration: Slack
    Task Management: Atlassian Suite (Jira/Confluence)
    Development: Visual Studio Code, BitBucket
    Marketing:, Google Analytics, Social Champ
    Support: Tawk
    Payments: Stripe, PayPal

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    First: Don't spend too much time finding the right tool for you start-up. Just pick one and stay with it for at least a year. There is a good chance that you will need other software in the next phase of your startup. Gaving said that, here are the tools we use at [UptimeMate](

    • sendinblue for chat, transactional emails, and marketing emails.
    • Linkedin and Twitter web pages

    And that's it. ;-)

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    Our essential stack is:

    • Photoshop
    • Todoist
    • Notion
    • GSuite
    • Slack
    • Toggl
    • Agorapulse

    Of course, there are more, but these are the essential daily tools.

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    Facebook remarketing - target users that already visited your website, seems to give high conversion rates (would recommend 100%)

    Not really using any tools, but I am trying to increase organic search by creating new content, apart from that doing ppc campaigns on Google, Bing and Quora (very low budget though and very very targetted, to increase conversion rates)

    My project =>

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    Sales: Nethunt CRM, Calendly, Loom, Intercom, G Suite apps (Meet, Calendar)
    Marketing: Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Hootsuite, VidIQ
    Task management: Trello
    Communication: Slack
    We also use Zapier to connect multiple apps

  16. 1 ... my own tool.

    Thinking of using: for an automated chat bot.

    1. 2 and/or Both are Indie Hackers projects and both are awesome for website chat.

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        Thanks...I'll check them out!