Growth March 29, 2020

What tools should I use to make a giveaway on Instagram?


All the tools that I find look like a scam.
Thanks a lot who answering me!

(Sorry for my english)

  1. 3 and are two that I've used in the past and can honestly recommend.

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    Not trying to discourage you, but I suggest you don't make any giveaways. Ever. Instead genuinely engage with your audience, ask questions, chat in the comments, post open-ended questions, and do stories and live stories.

    I used to have an offline product and did try giveaways. Yes, you get a lot of subscribers quickly, but all of these people (or most of them) are just a waste of resources. Hardly anyone of them would convert to a real client, and the majority are there for the sake of winning. That's it.

    In the end I had about 1000 followers, but almost all of them were my clients or loyal followers who just couldn't purchase for one or another reason but were highly engaged in discussions, commenting, and likes.

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      Hello, just wonder why it would not allow to make the product known ?
      If you offer a giveaway that would allow to spread the account in the niche without giving away the product you sell, but some other gift ?
      The people coming for the gift might not know your product and discover it ? This technic makes sens. It looks way better than throwing money to instagram / facebook ads. Could you details a bit why you were not happy with some numbers ? How many followers did you gain, how many did convert ?

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        You wouldn't believe how many people are there on social networks that are there for the sake of getting free stuff. It's borderline weird. Of course it depends on your product, and my example might not be fit for your case, but having went through many people's profile who signed up for the giveaway, pretty much all of the content was from participating in giveaways, ie. sharing those posts.

        I had about 1200 people somewhat engaged, which converted into ~650 facebook page likes and followers. Sifting through those profiles (of course I didn't check every single of them, but I did about ~100 and they were mostly people engaging in giveaways.

        None of those people became an active user nor converted to a customer. All it did was just inflate the number of likes on the page which I consider pointless.

        In terms of Instagram ads. I'm not a very active user these days, but I actually quite like IG ads these days, and many are quite relevant for me (from small local businesses that I'd love to support and engage with), so I click on them. Facebook ads are 95% useless though, which is weird.

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          Thanks ! Really clear.

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      Thank you for the advice. I'm currently trying to build a community about a niche. And I thought that giveaways are a good idea.

      But you're right, making giveaway is not a good idea.

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    Hard to tell, as you said a lot of irrelevant tools

    I'm basically using Linktree to include some freebies of my side project on Instagram

    You may want to try putting up freebies on Buy me a coffee, Gumroad and include the link on Instagram @julien040

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    Hey @julien040 I have something in the works for this if you're interested?

    How quickly are you looking to start? Would be great to build it along with your needs!

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      Hello, I plan to open an Instagram account soon, and I'm looking for a solution to make giveaways on it.

      I would like to be able to do giveaways on all the posts of the account, and not only on one post. And that the conditions be :
      Like post + mention of a friend in the comments.

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        ok awesome, i'll keep that in mind!