Growth November 5, 2019

What tools you are using for website analytics?


Apart from Google Analytics what tools you use for website analytics? And why?

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    1- : You can get video recordings to check what action your users are doing while visiting your website .
    2- : they gave a lot of datas about SEO checklists . Like which page is getting most of the visitors , which keywords are ranked most and more on . But sometimes the data is not accurate but you can assume the numbers .
    3- : Its a tool to track website keywords , and provide a indepth number of datas .
    4- : For wordpress e-commerce websites there is . It also provide lots of insights data .
    5- : if you install this product in your website , it provide live data like who is visiting your website right now and which country they are coming from .
    I think this is what I have in my mind and use most of the time in my work .
    I header about , they are doing great .

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      Anyone willing to split the cost of ahrefs account?

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        There is some companies who provides group by offer. You might check them .

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          Thanks, can you link/name or give me a hint... kinda hard to find them.

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    I never had the need to use anything else except Google Analytics. The funny thing is that I'm reading 1-2 numbers from Google Analytics and I don't use the rest of it because it's super complex. If anyone knows a simpler alternative I'd be happy to switch.

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      Shameless plug: the project I've built,, solves precisely that problem. It monitors your Google Analytics account and informs you if anything unexpected happens. Alerts can be even real-time for certain metrics, or daily for standard checks.

      For those who need only a casual check, there are weekly overview reports. So you would be aware of your traffic, but not obsessed with it.

      And the best part - it has a free tier for solo founders!

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      I'm working on a simpler alternative at – I left a longer comment as a response to the main post here.

      Let me know if this is what you had in mind :)

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    I'm using Fathom for Sitesauce. Fathom is a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative. They launched their v2 a week ago and their dashboard it's awesome. They also give you shareable pages if you want to enable anyone to see your analytics, great for transparency and possibly marketing! You can learn more on their website :)

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      Thanks for the shoutout, Miguel!

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        Thanks for building a great product, Jack! 😁

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      I'd love to use Fathom - but I just can't justify the monthly fee just now when GA costs nothing.

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    Google Search Console because of search queries

    LinkedIn Insight Tag because it better helps you to get to know your B2B audience.

    Fathom is cool if your analytics' needs are quite basic. It's handy indeed.

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    Fathom is my preference!

    It’s privacy respecting and offers good insights and nothing more.

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    I cofounded Fathom Analytics with Paul Jarvis. I actually just found this thread from our stats tool using our "Current Visitors" feature that shows where visitors come from. All done in a privacy-focused, cookie-free way!

    We've just launched Version 2 actually, and you're all welcome to come and take it for a spin.

    We've changed a lot of things in Version 2 including, but not limited to:

    • Improved bot detection (client side filters but also improved middleware on the server)
    • Better insight into current visitors
    • Improved anonymization algorithm. We used to have a single salt for hashing, which was a huge step at the time (nobody was doing this). We've now introduced even more daily salts that are actually done based on site ID & the last number of the IP. We do these crazy things because we want to prepare for the worst (if AWS was ever breached)
    • Privacy-focused, simple goals to track interactions on your website (non blocking requests using Beacon API)
    • Improved referrer breakdown (click into a domain to see which paths people came from)
    • Improved stripping of query string data (we preserve the essential!)
    • Opt-in SPA support
    • Advanced date picker
    • Improved date selection
    • Faster aggregation (our aggregator runs every single minute, getting your stats ready as soon as possible)
    • Infinitely scalable servers (SQS & Lambda <3)
    • We've now added device types, countries and browsers

    And so much more. So if you want to make the move and switch to simple, privacy-focused, GDPR compliant analytics, come take Fathom Analytics for a spin!

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    I use SimpleAnalytics, it has a similar approach to Fathom and Plausible.

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    Analytics is my day job, and for my prior side projects I've used a combination of GA and Mixpanel, all fed by Segment.

    Segment ensures that you're pulling in high-quality data and getting it transmitted equally (or as equally as is feasible) to any combination of services you use. It also ensures that when you integrate a new tool, such as anything you might use downstream for marketing or optimization, you're piping in the same data.

    GA is for understanding traffic patterns in aggregate, such as common navigational patterns, where dropoffs occur, or comparing marketing channels/campaigns.

    Mixpanel is for understanding individual users' activity for cases ranging from UX analysis to fraudulent use detection.

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    I'm using just because it's very simple and gives me all the numbers I need. It also has a nice "world view" where you can see your visitors on a map, not really useful but a nice vanity metric.

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    Google Analytics is, of course, the gold standard, but there are a few alternatives or supporting platforms that are worth looking at.

    • Hotjar, mentioned by others in this thread, is invaluable for looking at screen recordings and user behavior. I only keep it turned on selectively (maybe once a quarter, to gather 100 or so user sessions) since it adds a lot of weight to page load times.
    • Yandex Metrica, is a fantastic blend of both GA and Hotjar. I would argue the data it collects is both slightly more accurate and the UI is slightly better than Google Analytics.
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    I'm the founder of a simple GA alternative – – so naturally that's what I use :)

    I made it because I wanted something simpler than GA that doesn't collect personal data or IP addresses. It works pretty well for me, at the moment I'm working on adding custom events so I can track conversions by referrers.

    Curious what folks here think about this service. The main barrier seems to be that pricing starts from $6/mo. Unlike Google I don't collect or monetize personal data so I have to ask for a small subscription fee. In the future it might be possible to get so many business/enterprise clients on board that I can run a free tier and still have a sustainable business. At the moment this is not possible yet.

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    I've found myself using data studio more than GA now.

    I also find a lot of value in integration LinkedIn insights and clearbit reveal into a custom dashboard.