May 15, 2019

What View Do You Use Most/Prefer

Louis @louisjblythe
  1. List View
  2. Board View
  3. Table View
  4. Calendar View
  5. Whats a view?
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    View about what ? :D I think this is a test, so my toughts:

    1. List view: task list, todo list
    2. board view: kanban board for task organization (trello?)
    3. table: excel
    4. calendar: google calendar
    5. what is a view: a window on data ?
    1. 1

      @vokail when in list view do you like to be able to see the list you are working through and the detail of the task in the one screen? Split View.

      1. 1

        split view, in general : something like slack for example

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    I need flexibility. Board views are great for big picture. Calendar views tied to board views help me prioritize and actualize the board view. List views are great in sales to say "there is a lot to do", however personally overwhelming. Table views are good for data.

    When I program I use trello or git projects' board view for scrum, it's great. But it's all macro.

    I like to move what's important to me to a calendar so I can move-about-the-cabin productively.

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    In coding terms,

    Create View,
    List View,
    Detail View,
    Delete View