What was/is your marketing/growth-users strategy?

Hi IH 👋

I would like to see/get inspired by what marketing strategy you did or are planing to do in order to get more users or more users-buying-your-product

My plan is to grow the amount of users before launching the premium features and start monetizing it, but I'm not sure how to do that o what is the best option, personally I'm trying to do as much noise on internet as I can, but it doesn't feel the best approach

You an check out my product here for context: http://pauapp.com/

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    Noise =/= Attention

    It's not the person that shouts the loudest in the room, but that has something to say.

    But enough with the fluffy stuff 🐑❌

    Ask yourself: What does my Growth Engine look like? This consists of:

    Demand Engine:

    1. Who already has the audience you want to attract? (pot. partners like note taking extensions or blogs writing about productivity)
    2. When does someone feel the pain of needing this extension?
    3. And when they feel this pain, how do they find a solution for it? (search, video, peer group)

    Viral Engine:

    • What is incentive enough for a user to invite others? (exclusivity, more links they can save)

    Sticky Engine:

    PS: The page did not really capture my interest. Why would I want to be send to whatever link I want? I can already do that, no? You have to paint the picture. To get what I mean, see here: https://marketingexamples.com/conversion/landing-page-guide

    PSS: If you like my answer and want to stay up to date with marketing tips, check out my LinkedIn where I post 250 days a year.

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      Thanks man! It was really helpful, I'll check out your content!

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