May 20, 2019

What was the easiest money you got online ?


Hey guys,
What was the easiest money you got online ?

*For me, it was a 150$ referral money I got from sharing a discount link on a travelers facebook group

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    There's no such thing as easy money online. Anyone who says there is, is trying to sell you a course.

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    I've won 500 african rands at Slotsdoc ( at Book of Ras slot

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    I made an online friend who bought me stuff because I was too young to have a bank account. Who said you couldn't make friends in the early days over the Internet?

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    Back in the day, I sold UDID activation just before/after WWDC. I remember staying up for 13 hours, watching the orders come in and take action on them. It was all done via TweetDeck. Took a lot of time and energy but in terms of how quickly I was able to put the website up and get paid, it was a breeze. Did it for one year (maybe iOS 6 or 7) and then left it.

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    Legit, easy money isn't the best topic here 😂