August 1, 2020

What was the last physical book you bought?

Aquiles Carattino @aqui_c

I'm bracing for going from an ebook to a physical book. I was wondering, what was the last physical book you bought?

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    Been reading quite a bit lately, typically ones on the same topic to get a bit of an understanding of a topic from a few different angles. I much prefer physical books (paperbacks over hardcovers). I'll normally make notes inside the book and highlight, then transfer these into Roam and then the important parts into Anki which has been working well for me so far!

    Ones I'd recommend:

    1. Essentialism - Greg Mckeown
    2. The one thing - CGary Keller
    3. Super Thinking - Gabriel Weinberg
    4. Traction - Gabriel Weinberg
    5. The Mom test - Rob Fitzpatrick (@robfitz)
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    I just preordered "The Tiny MBA" by @alexhillman
    Looking forward to receiving my copies in a few weeks (one for me and one for a friend).

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      Thank you! 🙏

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    Thanks for all the feebdack. Very interesting that no one has any fictional books in their list of last bought books. Bear in mind, I was not asking for recommendations, the question was:

    what was the last physical book you bought?

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    I've tried e-books but always find myself going back to physical books.

    I just received my copy of Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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    I read alot (you can see my running list here but I always find my self coming back to physical books whenever I can. I recommend them more because when I read off a Kindle, I often have no motivation to go back and look at the dog eared pages to see what I learned the last time I read the book. However, I'd recommend these if you're in the market for a good read:

    1. A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy (recommended by Ryan Holiday and great for mental health)
    2. Black Swan
    3. The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist's Guide to Success in Business and Life (Talks about game theory and how to apply it to your thought process)
    4. The 48 Laws of Power (This one is a bit hit or miss with people but I like the style of his writing and the stories get me to think outta the box)
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    The hard thing about hard things.

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    Finally got around to reading "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari which was super hyped a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed it, made you think of the world as a whole and what technological progress does do us as humans.

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    Deep Work by Cal Newport

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    Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

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    The Mom Test by @robfitz

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    I mainly read ebooks, and I do mindmaps out of them.

    Some books are so packed with information at every line, I need them physically for quick reference.

    I recently bought two classics:

    • The elements of style
    • Keys to great writing
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    Haven't bought a physical book in ages, but the last one I bought (instead of being gifted) was A Traveller's History of South Africa. Bought in an airport :)

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    I always buy physical books, the last one was It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work.
    I have an extensive e-books collection as well but I find out that I read them quite bad compared to real ones.

    If a book lies on the table near me I can take a 15-minute break and read some pages but if it's a phone/tablet - I probably will spend this time on youtube.

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    The Invincible Company from Strategyzer

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    Blue ocean strategy

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    I was on vacation last week and didn't bring any of my text gages with me. I bought "This is Marketing" by Seth Godin and "Building a Storybrand" by Donald Miller.

    The worst part of physical books, for me, is the missing convenience of having all my highlights visible from anywhere. I do like the feeling of progress as the pages turn, but I'm definitely missing the Kindle highlights collection.

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    I recently bought a physical book due to it not being available on kindle (Born Red by Gao Yuan). The book is very good, but I had forgotten how inconvenient paper books are to read!

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    Cracking the coding interview. Most days I wish I had the ebook version so I could read it on my laptop while I practice coding... On the other hand I get more practice writing algorithms by hand without the ide's help..

    It is also nice to step away from reading on a screen like I do all day

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    I switched to reading only ebooks exactly 10 years ago these days.

    Over the past decade I bought half a dozen print book. I got the latest print book last year as a memento as the author is a friend and I did a minor contribution to the work.