What was your wake-up age?

When did you get into your entrepreneurship journey ?
I mean the first time you just thought (seriously) about your first project.

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    24 now, the project in question wasn't a success

    I had a second "wake up" moment a few months ago leading me to be more serious and invested in my projects

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      Wow !
      Returning after 4 years.
      How were you able to avoid it for those 4 years ?

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        It's not really that I "returned":
        We started to work with a friend of mine in a company we co-founded when we were 20, which ended up being a failure. We shut it down last year.
        Not enough resources, not enough energy, I was finishing an MSc in Data Science in parallel so I was definitely not 100% invested in the company.
        Then I started working (and still am) as a Data Analyst, learning in parallel to code/no code, write, and the myriad of other skills necessary to become a successful indie hacker.
        Which is where I am now. Time flies ;)

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