💻 What web hosting services do you use and why?

Hey everyone 👋🏻

I'm currently looking into hosting services for a project and was wondering which ones people typically use? What's good and bad about them and what makes a good hosting service (maybe there is something to be improved with the ones that people use)?

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    This depends on what you are planning to host, if its a static website or a SPA then I normally use Netlify. If its a server side application or an SSR app then I would go with either Heroku, Vercel, Render or Digital Ocean. It all comes down to how much you want to manage and how much you want to pay to not manage stuff.

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    Vercel - for static sites that require minimal API (through serverless function)

    • Pros: Very generous free plan
    • Cons: No database

    https://www.hostkoala.com/ - for some old client work

    • Pros: Can't beat the price and performance - its dead cheap and faster than $5 DO droplet
    • Cons: It's a shared hosting, so it has all the limitations most shared hosts have

    Digital Ocean - large client work

    • Pros: Fair price and a lot of how to's if you want to set up the environment on your own
    • Cons: If you want to use their managed services there is no autoscaling option

    Have been meaning to try https://www.clever-cloud.com/ for some time. They seem like a Heroku/Render alternative, just not on AWS servers and with autoscaling out of the box

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    I run everything on Heroku. I'm using them for 10 years and I know if there's a need I can easily scale to heavens.

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    Heroku if you're just starting out. It has a free option and its the easiest one to manage if you're not familiar with aws.

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    I use Heroku for my dynamic solutions and Netlify or GitHub Pages for my static ones, though I have done so for ages so might be that there are better options around

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    At the time of this comment I did not see mention of Google compute engine. I have used both AWS and Google without issues. If you have the background and like to configure your own VPS then I recommend either platform. A single VPS will run your application, database etc ( again, provided you have the technical know how). If you just want to fire up a managed server ( which does have its benefits ) or your budget is restricted then some of the other hosting solutions mentioned may be a better fit. I have supported clients that use DO and their performance was terrible ( likely due to having the cheapest plan ).

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    For www.dynablogger.com I use a German VPS provider called Netcup. It has some limitations (it's not a "cloud" service so it has monthly billing etc) but it offers truly dedicated cores/threads at much lower prices than many other providers. I use a few of their virtual servers for my Kubernetes cluster and am super happy with the performance. Clearly you don't have the huge ecosystem of services you have with AWS etc, but if you are on a limited budget, all you need is compute and you can manage things yourself, then you can save a ton of money with this kind of provider. Other good and affordable providers I have good experience with are DigitalOcean, Hetzner Cloud and Linode.
    If you are not good at server administration I would highly recommend Heroku. It gets expensive easily but it takes care of a lot of hassle for you.

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    IMO if you are using git it's hard to beat GitHub for static sites. You've got GitHub Pages with Jekyll templating for your content and ci/cd is pretty much built in - just check in your code and its live.

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      I found netlify to be 10x github pages.

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        Hi @volkandkaya, github pages seems to met my needs thus far and I haven't looked at Netlify. Why is it worth the extra +9?

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          Netlify has a great free tier.

          Had trouble setting up github pages, with netlify i can just drag and drop a folder to get started and when im ready use git.

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    I used to use services like Digital Ocean/Netlify, but now I do everything with AWS. It costs less and I can do anything really fast. However, It's can be a big learning curve.

    I use CloudFront+S3 to host static/SPA websites. API Gateway+Lambda for any compute and DynamoDB(NoSQL) to store my data. I really love it and the best part is there's no servers to manage.

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