Landing Page Feedback March 16, 2019

What wins, what fails?

Alan Gibson @alangibson

Hi all,

I'd love to hear your feedback on Peraspera ( Peraspera's lofty goal is to provide a single aggressively simple collaboration hub for designing, coding, tracking, and documenting your product.

The verbiage could use a lot of help, and a video is sorely missing. What else jumps out at you?


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    Landing page is nice!

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    The page looks really good. I like the call to action at the top and bottom of the page. It isn't terribly clear what it does though -- meaning how is it different from using slack, google hangouts etc. Like someone else said, a screenshot or two would make the simplified ux clear.

    What did you use to make the page?

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      Cheated and dropped $11 on a templated from then deployed it with Netlify.

      I've added a crude explainer video. I'd appreciate early feedback if you don't mind having another look.

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    It looks really good. It seems like a massively ambitious project.

    After reading the sub-header I got what it was about and all I wanted to do after that was see the some screenshots. I couldn't find any which disappointed me. From a personal perspective I feel that the sketched images have found their way into almost all new startups and they all are quite similar. I would much prefer to your app.

    I also wanted to know how far away you are from a release and clicked on the logo twice expecting it to scroll me to the top of the page again.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I went one better than screenshots and added an explainer video. It's still seriously crude, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it if you don't mind takeing another look.

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        Hey Alan. Much better! Makes it feel like there is real work going into the project and I now have an understanding of what the product does. It's very interesting!

        I'd change the video player and location but they're smaller points. I had to refresh the page each time I watched the video.

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    I really like the name.

    If I'm not mistaken this sounds a bit like what Google Wave was supposed to be.

    Judging from the feature description building such a product seems like a daunting task:

    • collaborative documentation
    • REPL
    • image editing + wireframing
    • video conferencing
    • messaging

    If Peraspera accomplishes what it promises to do it'll be a comprehensive, novel solution to many problems in enterprise software development.

    However, it's probably vital to not get bogged down or get lost in the details during development but rather focus on the aspects that set your product apart (such as for instance documentation by default or the REPL).

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      You nailed it. Peraspera was inspired by Wave.

      Wave didn't fail so fast and hard because it was a bad idea; it was a great one. Its implosion comes down to the supporting technology (browser Javascript implementations, operational transform, etc) not being ready, waiting too long to launch and not having a clear use case. I think time has mostly solved #1, and #2+3 can be solved by focusing on shipping and marketing like a good Indie Hacker.

      My long game is to partner with existing best-of-breed services, then add in a healthy dollop of OSS, to provide Peraspera's peripheral features while I focus on the integration platform. It's extremely ambitions, as well as an architectural nightmare, but system architecture is my day job so I'm hopeful I can pull it off.

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