What would happen if you disappeared from IH?

I took a break.

It took the last 2 months of the last 14 months to realize it, but I needed to stop being inside my apartment and browse the web - working and netflixin' - so damn aggressively...

I packed my bags and left for the desert.

Right now I'm in an airbnb in Santa Fe. Pretty nice stuff out here, I can see the sky and the stars at night and everything closes around 9PM. Very different from the town-life I routinely executed day in and day out for the last year and some.

It's not the feeling of burning out that got me here, but it's feeling overwhelmed from Covid-19 and the current state of the world. I needed a break from the internet so I didn't post much at all these last 10 days (I only packed my phone, no laptop/tablets, no extras).

As I am writing this from the top of a hill inside my rented car, I am wondering, what would happen if anyone regular on IH disappeared from the community? How would we know what happened to them?

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    There's no easy way to know, unless you are consciously aware that someone is not showing up. Which I have been at times, but not enough.

    Though interestingly, the work I'm doing at Orbit potentially help identify these kind of things. As part of it it helps gather the data to see who are the people contributing the most and track those who are gravitating in and out of a community.

    It's definitely one of the things I struggled with and wanted to get better at within IH.

    Here's the Orbit Model for anyone who may be interested:

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      Thanks for sharing, and I will definitely need to dig deeper in that model - I used to work closer to community back in the day and the Orbit advice sounds very good!

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    I've counted 10+ regulars moved on, not even easy to notice. So nothing happens I guess.

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      How do you notice them?

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        By spending a good chunk of my time here?

        The guy who asked for money on each of his posts who lives with his girlfriend and against to work for others has gone for example.

        The guy with long posts, I think he called it the mvp sprint also has gone.

        Whoever reached above $2K MRR gone or those who wasted 6 months without revenue has gone :)

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          Hmm - makes sense. Thanks for the good answer!

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    Nothing would happen. No one responds to anything I post anyway ¯\(ツ)

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      just answered your threads :) sorry you feel this way but I have to agree it sucks when you get 0 replies - i've been there!

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      Not true anymore. ;)

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        Well, a comment on a comment isn't much. But it's much more meaningful on posts! Appreciate it regardless.

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      I'm here for you bro ~

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      This is not a shocker, but I did check out your stuff.

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