What would you consider a life-changing amount of money?

Let's say a certain amount that would bring you peace of mind and financial security to your entire life!

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    Honestly $5,000/mo fully passive would take me places...

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      Let's be honest, it's never fully passive.

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      A common rule of thumb is you can get a 4% real (after inflation) investment return in near perpetuity. Using that rule of thumb a $5k/month income is equivalent to a $1,500,000 windfall.

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        Or I just create a SaaS that brings in that much, which is more realistic than a $1.5M windfall out of nowhere.

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      Same, $5,000/month would be already life-changing

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    Money is a means, not an end. Basing decisions on the latter concept is more likely to lead to unhappiness than success.

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    1,639,953.00 USD according to my wealth simulator

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      Nice. What tool are you using as your wealth simulator?

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        I’m a co-founder of http://www.navegastrategies.com/ where we built a complete macroeconomic based investment research platform to help institutions and financial advisors to solve long-term investment problems. Part of it is a comprehensive wealth simulator integrated with a portfolio optimizer and portfolio risk analytics. So, in short, I use my own wealth simulator ;)

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          That looks really neat! And totally of the topic, two questions/remarks:

          1. My Chrome browser didn't want me to enter follow your link, because it was dangerous. But, badass as I am, I did take a look anyway... ;)"!
          2. I am very keen on investments outlooks and the contractions that come with those outlooks (e.g. Buffett versus Dalio, with taking a position in the market: cash versus stocks). What is driving your outlook engine?
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            1. Probably because of the missing https
            2. You can read more about our research on the site's research section. I would recommend starting with this piece: http://www.navegastrategies.com/assets/pdf/navega_wp_macro_uncertainty.pdf
              The basic idea is to combine systematic macroeconomic forecasts with quantitative asset pricing. Our main idea is that in the long run, macro matters the most especially macroeconomic uncertainty that we can model quantitatively using current market prices and macro data.
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              Cool thanks. I let me have a read :)

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    I would retire if my bank account had $1,000,000+.

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    $1m us tax free would do the trick. I’d still work but it would get the basics covered. If it seems extravagant remember people live a long time these days.

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    For anyone who hasn’t had children but is planning to: quadruple it!

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    There's 3 levels of wealth that matter to me:

    1. Side income matches my salary - allows me to quit the day job
    2. Having total wealth of 25x current income, means you never have to work again (4% rule)
    3. Net worth of $10m+ where short of private jets and yachts, you can effectively do whatever you want. Above that it would probably start to be a burden of what to do with the money
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    No single number.... true answer today would be 1% of 10 year target so short term changing but far from life changing.
    Life changing now would just create new goals and challenges.

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    $1 mio, but even half of that would certainly be life changing :)

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    4k/month would do the trick of me. Just enough to go around surfing all over the globe and not enough to be too attached to the wealth of more money.

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    About 10mil would ensure money is not an issue the rest of my life.

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    If I somehow get 10000 USD(in a short period), it would definitely change my life.

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    A windfall of $300,000 would change my life in a meaningful way. Less than that probably would not.

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