April 16, 2019

What would you do? #ask-ih

Fernando Varela @fvarela

Booking at NYC's coveted restaurants is a pain. You have to plan months in advance and compete in a rat's race as soon as reservations become available. People are willing to pay for reservations, but restaurants don't offer this (not sure why). Reservation systems do not allow for the resell of reservations.
How would you meet demand (people willing to pay) and supply (reservations)?


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    Hmmm, selling reservations sounds like a PR issue for resturaunts. Maybe if it were a select # of seats?

    You could validate the resale part with a landing page and facilitate sales over email / phone. Not sure how you find the people with reservations or how you find the ones willing to pay (might be an SEO problem/solution).

    Idea seems to have promise though, but I'm having troubleing getting a bead on what angle to take on it.

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      "selling reservations sounds like a PR issue for resturaunts. Maybe if it were a select # of seats?" Agreed. Even if I'm able to find people with reservations, restaurants will not be happy if I'm reselling them.
      I'm having trouble figuring out how to get in contact with restaurants -> the ones that would have the demand to sell tables at a premium don't have time to listen to an indie hacker :(. Any ideas on how to approach this are welcomed and appreciated.

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        Yeah, that sounds difficult. I imagine you'd need a good marketing pitch and ideally proven results / social proof.

        Have you considered partnering with 3-ish businesses on a trial free basis? If it comes to nothing, they've lost nothing, but if it works out, you'd have customers eventually and maybe more importantly, social proof you could use to sell more restaurants?

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