What Would You Prefer If You Are Nomads in Bali?

If you have a chance to work remotely as a nomad, and you choose Bali for your temporary place. Or probably, you ever worked nomad in Bali, what do you expect to get from there?

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    There are places that are cheaper in Indonesia. I live in Yogyakarta and rent for a house for a whole year is 3000€ (not in city center). Internet is ok where I live, but I can use 4G or spend time in coworking spaces. There are a lot of them in the city.

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    Bali is beautiful, and I can't wait to get back there when the pandemic is under control. It is less than 2 hours flying time away for me.

    For me, I prefer to be away from the bustle of tourists, especially if I am there to work on my startup. I'd like a quiet space with good internet. I love the food, and regularly eat at roadside warungs without any drama so far. Way cheaper (and tastier) than the upmarket restaurants.

    Unfortunately, the better co-working spaces seem to be in places like Ubud etc. which are overrun with tourists. Canggu is probably the next best bet.

    As others have said, you don't want to have an accident or a health issue while there. I guess I am lucky that I can fly home within a couple of hours if needed.

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    Bali has a great combination of low living costs, good food, great weather, yoga/fitness, and an large traveler/digital nomad community. I think that is the perfect combination.

    The health infrastructure and food safety are very poor though. You don't want to get sick there. If anything serious happens, you'll be flown to Singapore. I have a 5 year-old so my family prefers to be in a place with better medical infrastructure like Thailand.

    It's also easier to escape the backpackers and travelers in larger cities. In Bali, you basically have Kuta and Ubud and it's all tourists.

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      Have you looked at a map of Bali? Kuta and Ubud are tiny little dots. Bali is huge :) plenty of places to escape to, away from crowds / other nomads / tourists.

      Source: I live in Bali

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        Yes, but I want to be in a bustling city with culture and amenities. I'm not a country-side kind of person.

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    Most nomads that I've come across said that Bali was just the most economical for them and its got a good ratio of cheap living costs and fast internet from what I've seen, its also a good place to network because a lot of nomads go there, so that's what Id assume they'd want to get out of Bali

    For me when I did the nomad thing, I hopped between Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong, not because it was economical, it just that my professional network and projects were based around there and for me, I don't really do the whole beach thing. I prefer city life.

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