What would you want from a digital community of social impact professionals?

We used to be a small group of people meeting for breakfast. Then came covid19 and we decided to continue our breakfasts online. I was a complete tech noob before corona (still no code :D) but are happy about how the space have developed.

Our small group went on to create this MVP www.impactbreakfastclub.com.

How could our community serve you people interested in impact, social good, entrepreneurship and business?

Give us your wildest dreams and craziest thoughts and we might build it :)

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    I have been doing social entrepreneurship for the last 6 years. It would be great to have a mix of new and experienced participants discussing some of the unique problems and opportunities, such as

    • grants
    • dealing with the administration related to grants
    • partnerships with nonprofits
    • community building
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      Thank your for your input Sarbak.

      We have a new formate being released next week. Including learning experiences, community networking, accomplishment circles (goal-setting) and personal development sessions

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    I'd like to hear (short) stories of what and how people are doing.

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      We are doing this now! Starting next week. Thank you for your input

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    Hi Oscar, to me, I like the stories of motivations behind creation of social companies. How social has been impacting peoples' lives. The operational process behind those companies. How those companies are using profit to transform lives. And the list goes on and on...

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