Ideas and Validation May 1, 2020

What would YOU want from a tool to replace 'PowerPoint'?


Hi guys, I'm a founder working on a storytelling tool for startups and want to learn what YOU want in a product that isn't as painful to use (or consume) as PowerPoint.

To give you more context, here's a bit of the backstory...

Four years ago, I founded a startup to tackle the "Death by PowerPoint" problem. We started with a text-to-visual engine and then built some features to turn those visuals into better stories. It was cool.

But thousands of beta testers and interviews later, we were still struggling to become something that people NEEDED, not just something that was cool. Businesses were still running on PPT/Keynote/Google Slides, so a 'visual storytelling tool for work' felt like a nice to have.

So we pressed pause. I had to lay off most of our team. That part was NOT cool.

Then COVID-19 happened. Suddenly office workers had to work from their couches. Every email, every Slack message, every deck was now competing with Netflix. Making content for work more engaging wasn't a 'nice to have' anymore...

It was finally something people NEEDED.

So we started building again. And we came up with (another) first pass that we're hoping you can give us feedback on.

After all, we're trying to build something that people - YOU - want!

Check out the video:


What do you think??


PS. Always happy to swap product feedback too - hit me up at [email protected] and let me know how I can help ;)

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    I enjoyed the video, and the product seems very interesting.

    I see your solution allows for easy visual storytelling. That makes me curious about the (likely many-layered) problem it is supposed to solve. Can you explain to me the underlying problems you have discovered throughout your customer research? What are people who suffer from Death by PowerPoint trying to accomplish that PP doesn't allow them to do?

    How much is this a narration problem (which story to tell), and how much is it a question of brevity (how to tell it quickly), technical compatibility/complexity (what medium is content delivered in, can it be easily shared / archived / reviewed), management expectations (how has this been done, and why hasn't this changed so far), and workflow compliance (how easily can this replace PP, both practically and organizationally)?

    While I hope that these questions help you in some way. I definitely am looking forward to your answers :D

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    I'm not entirely answering the question, because I don't need that, but I see nearly everyone needs it: content shaper.

    People who use ppt, Google slide or whatnot pack their slides with too much content. It's not a problem with ppt, it's a problem with the user and communication.

    There are some rules about presenting information to readers. Those are rather simple to automate:

    • words limit per slide, per area and per line
    • spacing around each elements, and all elements bounding box
    • consistency (text size, font, and colors)

    An authoring tool provides value if it helps shaping the content to follow at least those basic rules. For the sanity sake of the readers having to go through slides.

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    Is this a publishing platform? I am looking for something to host a multimedia experience on. Will your app do that?