What's a good traffic source for podcasts?

What works for you in driving traffic to your podcast?
I'm looking to learn from experienced podcasters on their best practices and their marketing channels to get traffic.


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    This is like asking "What's a good traffic source for a blog post?"

    Podcasts are a content format (just like a blog post).

    What is your podcast about? Who's your target audience? These are relevant questions that can help people give you a good answer.

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      I'm working on a podcast automation tool, and I'm looking to learn how podcasters drive traffic to their podcasts. I guess you are right about the target audience but I more interested in the channel is it Twitter? facebook? reddit? etc...

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    A lot of the times, podcaster expand their audience through other podcasts. Being guests on other shows. A lot of the people and podcasts I listen to are people that were interviewed here on Indie hackers, like the Art of Product podcast and Build Your SaaS. Discoverability of people. (Which is also why I am building log.fm)

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      Cool idea! I'm thinking of automating the twitter cards and audio snippets that one can share to promote their new podcast episode. I'm currently doing it all manually while writing the app backend. I want to see how valuable this is for podcasters, check out https://socialsnippets.unicornplatform.com/

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        What's your goal method of generating the audio clips?

        Food for thought: since I'm sure most people would have some sort of favorite section of the podcast episode they would want to use as the audio snippet. So I am imagining some sort of simple UI with collapsible bars to pull out and save the snippet for later social sharing.

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          My current idea is not to provide a UI for them to cut their part they want to share, but to use AI to select one for them and automatically create the tweet. But maybe podcasters would prefer to spend the time and select the snippet themselves, I don't know yet. thanks

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            Yeah I think both would be great options. Maybe having the ai by default then the option of manually selecting if they want.

            Good stuff. I hope you do well with it :)

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    There was a great thread from Austin Rief (co-founder of Morning Brew) sort of on this topic yesterday, worth a read - https://twitter.com/austin_rief/status/1343661593696022530

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