What's everyone's favorite Task Manager as of late?

As in your to-do list.

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      How do you handle tasks on the go on your mobile devices? Does inthe.am have good mobile support? Offline at all?

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        I have the taskwarrior installed in a server which is running a personal Telegram bot, it's all offline until i run task sync. I don't suggest this approach to anyone if they don't use taskwarrior at all, but if you use it is a great way to keep together with it in your mobile, as you can integrate inthe.am with a lot of calendars such as Google agenda etc.

        I use the bot most for create new tasks and mark it as done, as soon as i create it will appear on my calendar.

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          Sounds nice, is your telegram bot public anywhere?

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            By this day it's not, i had the idea of putting it public but i'm without time to remove sensitive information from the code (like taskserver keys and some Google connection files).

            But i can send/help you how do i did specific parts without a problem!

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    Honestly, I've reverted back to my black moleskin notebook.

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      Me as well! The simplicity 🙏🏻

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    Emacs Org-Mode FTW !

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    I use Things on iOS and Mac and enjoy it.

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      I came across Things. Was worried about not having a web app.

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    Asana (free to basic individual use)

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    I've been using the Things app for OS X and iPhone. If I really need to focus I stick to a plain notebook.

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    Wunderlist and nothing satisfies me ever. This is such a well-designed app. I like how the interface is clutter-free and minimalist.

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      Is it still available? I used to use it and really like it but I thought it got bought my Microsoft and discontinued. I guess I can go google this right now..... ;)

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        Didn't know that it got bought by Microsoft. But, yes, still available as a separate product.

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    Trello or Notion for me.

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      Another +1 for Notion. I use it for everything, such a versatile tool. You have to put some admin in to get it to work for you, mind. Other than that, I find Todoist is super simple and works well.

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      +1 for Notion. Notion has completely replaced Trello, Google Drive, and a number of other tools for me. Can't even begin to describe how much I love it.

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        It looks similar to Coda - is it? I had Notion bookmarked but I think it overwhelmed me and I abandoned it.

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          There are some similarities, but Notion is more of an all in one workspace with tables, kanban boards, documents, calendar, etc.

          It can definitely be a bit overwhelming, and can take a bit of time to learn and set up in a way that works for you.

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    I'm a todoist guy by default. It's a nice place to dump everything to organize it in one place for personal use...and I augment with good old fashioned notebook because I just like the feel of paper and I like to review it down the road occasionally.

    I occasionally use other tools if i have a client that wants specific visibility on a subset of those tasks.

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    I've been using Notion for all my tasks now. It's pretty low-tech, but it gets the job done.

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    Notion now for team-related tasks (after years of Trello).
    And OmniFocus (https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus) for my own (has been my daily companion for years now).

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    I built https://www.todomini.app/ because I wanted something open source that you can self-host.

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    Notion. Bit of work to get set up but worth the time investment. Really powerful tool.

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    Trello, Google Keep

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      cool will check it out.

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