What's powering your newsletter? [POLL]

I'm really interested in newsletter tech and finding out which are the current main players (at least in the indie hacker world!).

Simply comment below what you're using for your own newsletter, and I'll collate the answers into an ordered list here:

••••• ••••• 10 - Substack
••• 3 - EmailOctopus
•• 2 - Ghost
•• 2 - MailerLite
•• 2 - Mailchimp
• 1 - ListMonk
• 1 - ButtonDown
• 1 - Sendy

  1. 2

    Just started on substack only because I'm working on my voice and content but I'll move to something else at some point once I get more subscribers.

    Also heavily considered Revue

  2. 2

    Substack, but considering alternatives

  3. 2

    I'm using Mailerlite.

  4. 2

    I use my own self-hosted instance of Sendy (https://sendy.co/) running in an EC2 instance on AWS.

    I use Amazon SES to send the emails.

    If you host your app in AWS, SES will give you up to 64000 email sends per month for free.
    After that, it is 0,10 for every 1000 emails.

    I have 4000 people on my mail list currently: https://renanmf.com/newsletter/

  5. 2

    Currently Substack, soon to be Ghost or EmailOctopus (tbc)

    1. 1

      Just curious ... Why the switch?

      1. 2

        I talk about why I'm going from Substack -> Ghost, here.

        1. 2

          Thanks for sharing. That's basically my idea for starting out on substack. MVP and then branch out to something less restrictive when i have a bigger list

          1. 1

            cool. yep, i'm really glad I got started on Substack (it led to me making my first $ from blogging, 4 years after starting) and still recommend it to folks to 'start out'.

            For me, it was a great product with great (and constantly growing) features, and let me focus just on creating, and not get distracted with tinkering/designing etc.

  6. 2

    Mailchimp for email delivery

    Newsletter creation automation handled by a backend NodeJS app.

    Referral Marketing service. Built using Node, reward emails sent with SendGrid.

    How I automated 99% of my Newsletter here: https://thetechonomics.com/2020/06/03/how-we-automated-99-of-our-newsletter-business/

  7. 2

    ListMonk. It's an open-source, self hosted mailing list manager.

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing!

  8. 2

    Just started with Buttondown :)

  9. 2

    2: Substack powers VimTricks but we are rapidly moving off of it and building things in-house. So far, we've moved our landing page and our content pages but have yet to move the actual email sending and list management off of Substack.

  10. 2

    The poll here will give you only a few data points.

    The main player globally is Mailchimp. Take a look at this report showing the market share of email marketing tools:


    If you are interested more in recent trends then check specific keywords with google trends or explodingtopics.com. For example, substack is really getting popular recently:


    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing those links!

      This is just a community poll to share what you're using and for others to see what people are using. it's definitely not scientific but should give a bitesized snapshot.

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