Self Development January 18, 2021

What's something amazing you have read, watched, or listened to recently?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Hey everyone. I'm curious to dive deeper into what you all read and appreciate.

What have you read, watched, or listened to in the past week or so that you have really gotten value out of?

👀 Strictly no linking to your own stuff please. 👀

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    Last week I read @momoko newsletters that lead to No Prize for Doing It the Hard Way article. I read it when I was in doubt whether to pause, move forward at full speed, or move forward with slower pace with my project.

    The article just motivated me and it's common/normal to be ups and downs. It's a great story how Monica can come out of the down and use any leverage she already has to start a project. No prize for doing it the hard way.

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      Hey Namwa! I'm glad you liked the article. I can relate to wondering what to do, when to double down vs. pausing to reflect vs. changing direction entirely. I hope you find what's right for you and your business!

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        @momoko haha "Imagine you turn 30 and only make $538 for the entire month. You start to question a hell of a lot of things." Different situation but definitely relate to the sentiment.

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          Haha glad we’re in it together! Good luck with your stuff.

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      Nice read, I think I need a Nintendo Switch.

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        Thanks Thomas. The Switch really helped honestly 😝

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    The blog post On repl-driven programming outlines clearly and concisely a programming style I've always experienced with Lisp, but is difficult to characterize and little known outside of a few niche languages.

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    I recently discovered @jmckinven's 'Indie Bites' podcast - really digestible, even for those who don't typically listen to/have the time for podcast. Great format, questions asked & insights gathered. (+ it's nice getting to know some fellow IH's better, too, like @harrydry and @diannamallen)

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      Thanks for the kind words, Jas! It's fun recording with cool guests like Harry + Dianna. Rosie was also a guest on the pod last year 😃

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        Yes - that one's on my list, too! They're great :)

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    Recently finished a book - Start From Zero, great book if you are into Indie Hacking.

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    As my first book of this month, I finished "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products". Definitely a must-read, not sure why it took me that long to actually get that book 😅

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    I’m re-reading Atomic Habits right now and the framework for building habits it outlines is just superb. I can definitely recommend it to anyone who’s trying to get thing done.

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    I’ve been watching a Masterclass on Sara Blakely and how she founded her idea, Spanx. She shares amazing insights on her journey to success and how much work she put in to get to where she is now. It truly shows that when someone is passionate enough, no obstacle at all can get in their way.

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    Recently I've been thinking about Nassim Nicholas Taleb's concept of small bets from The Black Swan:

    “Some business bets in which one wins big but infrequently, yet loses small but frequently, are worth making if others are suckers for them and if you have the personal and intellectual stamina.”

    Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) is a good example of how you can utilise this strategy in real-life.

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    Discovered a blog by Adam Enfroy in which he details his blogging success, and was blown away by how much he's achieved/made in a 2 years. Made me question the kind of side-projects I'm working on and their scalability.

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    Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker. A quick but very inspiring read. Highly recommended!

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    Recently finished reading MJ DeMarco's book, Unscripted. I'll be honest, it was definitely one of those books that's hard to swallow, but there are a lot hard truths in it. 10/10 would read again.

    Also, in light of how many of major privacy first messangers gaining a lot of traction recently, here is a great article I came across on Hacker News about Signal.

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    I read about Carvey Maigue — a 27 years old, invented a solar-panel-like from rotten fruits. I think it's amazing!

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    Recently watched a MrBeast video where he was trying (and succeeding to plant a bunch of trees). I think in the video they claimed about 1,500, which is great. The cooler thing was they setup donations with the arbor day foundation and raised over $20mil from their followers to plant trees. Amazing!

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      I saw that one too. He makes some great content. Noah Kagan's video on MrBeast's success is worth checking out:

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        Ooohhh I'll have to check that out. I do enjoy Noah Kahan's stuff

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    Read: Claim Your Power. I'm actually hosting a book club on it :)
    Watch: TED Talk by Joy Baldridge -- Difficult conversations made easy

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    I spend the last weekend watching movies. I watched Onward. It's really interesting.
    One thing I learn from this movie is that the things we are always looking for have been already around us. They are right here
    I also have a new hobby to create GIF from the scenes of the movies. A new content format to create.

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    Just finished the first two chapters of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, so far, extremely useful knowledge. The fact that was written in the 30's gives a sense of permanence that most books lack these days. It cites Carnegie, Schwab, Rockefeller, and not transient achievers.

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    One of the gems I came across is Chamath. If you're investing you should know him, but if you're just generally a thinker in life, read his stuff too.

    His concept on slow compounding is great:

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    A book: The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert.

    I'm new to copy writing and this book has been the best I've read so far.

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    Jack Conte talking about how you publish as a creator, aka the publishing mindset:

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    I watched this docudrama called "Touching the Void". It's about guys who attempt to climb a mountain no ones has ever climbed before. One of the guys, Joe, has some pretty hard life-death moments, one after the other.

    What I learned from it is that once you're committed to something, you gotta keep making decisions. It doesn't matter if it's the wrong choice, you have to decide one path and go, as if your life depends on it. Because it does. This is something that related to self-confidence: avoiding acting is the fastest path to let your fears dominate you and let your life go away.

    Not only that, but one particular moment made me really emotional: when the guy, Joe, is almost giving up, he said that he continued going because he didn't want to die alone. I've been reading and practicing Buddhism and this is the core of what I've learned so far: we are all searching for the same thing, which is to be held, loved and happy. Once you learn that you're the same as everyone else in this quest, you live as if everyday is your last day on Earth. This changes how you start your day :)

    I watched here on Youtube, btw

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    In the past few weeks I've really been into learning how to maximize my productivity working at home. In "The Personal MBA" they talk a lot about mono-tasking and focusing on one thing for a while before switching. This seems common sense, but man it works. On top of that, I've been using "Focus Keeper" a pomadoro timer for that reason. So far, it's been helpful!

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    Earlier today, I read this: 4 Psychological Habits for Better Self-Esteem

    Great article overall, but this is something I'd never thought about:

    Spend More Time with People You Enjoy

    My takeaway from that point: Don't spend time with people you don't enjoy being around, no matter how "successful" they are or how much you think they could help you. Spend that time hanging out with that friend who just makes you happy.

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    Couple friends of mine and I are running a tiny book club and we read "7 Habits of highly effective people".

    Pretty old and a classic but I haven't had the chance to read it.

    I especially like the weekly planning and thinking of my tasks/goals in terms of "roles" to make sure that I balance them well.

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