Growth November 17, 2020

What's the best bang-for-buck user analytics stack for Webflow?

Hugo Jenkins @dos4gw

Hey gang, I've got a landing page together for a research/info product that I'm working on (if you're curious-, and I'm curious about what I should be running on the analytics side to get a good baseline of info about my visitors.

The site is built on Webflow and I've got a free Google Analytics account hooked up which gives me the basics. I'm using their newest version but I'm quite shallow on analytics and am not sure if I'm missing a trick.

My product range is text-heavy research content, so I'll be leaning on SEO and
teaser content to market to potential customers (specifically enterprise UX researchers and design managers, not a lot of research is shared because it's expensive).

I haven't set up conversion goals in GA yet, but I have done that before, it's on the list.

My question is - before launching some marketing, do I need anything other than GA running? Is there a cost-effective alternative that kicks arse?

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    GA is a good choice. @tobiaslins does make a good product, but since SEO is central to your strategy, and Webflow is integrated out of the box, GA is a good pick.

    Also, be sure to hook in Search Console sooner than later. I haven't gotten to play with GA4 yet (the newest GA), but in UA (effectively GA3) it's under Acquisition > Search Console > (any page) to get prompted to link Search Console. Linking will expose keywords and their landing pages in reporting.

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    Check out :) It's way simpler to use than GA and provides you even some things like automations, funnels, user explorer and more!

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