What's the best newsletter you're subscribed to?

Share the best newsletter you're subscribed to!

Also, in the spirt of being indie hackers, try to reverse engineer what goes into it that makes you like it so much — your best analysis of what makes it great. ⭐️

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    • Short and to the point
    • Easy to read
    • Founder is a indie hacker
    • Just reading it either validates an existing idea or creates a new one.
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      Thank you Patryk

      Glad it helps!

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        @dru_riley.vs Trends.vc is ridiculously good. Simple, yet thorough. Clean, yet engaging. So relevant and incredibly helpful. Hoping I can build a similar following with Learn Stash

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    Newsletter are my favorite form to digest information. I'm not on social media and don't really like checking reddit.

    So I got a bunch of them to recommend:

    • Last week in AWS. It's AWS specific, but Corey Quinn is fucking hilarious, not one issue where I don't laugh my ass off
    • Axios Capital by Felix Salmon for money stuff, good to understand for layman and to the point
    • 3-2-1 from james clear (Atomic Habit author). also short for your weekly dose of motivation
    • Growth Bite from Indie Hackers and Harry from Marketing examples. I don't really know anything about marketing, so having a small dose regularly is very interesting to me.
    • Signal v. Noise. newsletter from Basecamp. just general techie stuff also mostly short
    • for UI: Adam Silver and Erik D. Kennedy from LearnUI, both are irregular and long, but very insightful.

    Get news about new releases for open source software on github for every release, by clicking Watch>Release only, this is very interesting to me, but only if they write release notes directly in there github release.

    I get around 150 newsletter a month and another 150 for github releases.

    I forgot the most important "newsletter" AWS billing alerts :D

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      150 newsletters! How do you deal with the influx of newsletters?

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        it's not that bad, 3 newsletter a day on average. most of the other newsletters are just collections of links.

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      I believe you actually meant "Axios Capital"

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        yes, thanks. fixed

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      this is a great list @jonny91, thanks!

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    Farnam Street by Shane Parish. It's absolutely brilliant. Full of so many gems. It's great for writers, readers, anyone who wants to get smarter. highly recommended.

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    Money Stuff by Matt Levine

    • Written by an insider in the finance industry, so there's a lot of new info and context for people (like me) outside that domain
    • Written in plain language and from first principles, so things are easy to understand w/out domain knowledge
    • Great sense of humor
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      Love Money Stuff. Matt Levine is the man.

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      I subscriped to it for a couple of month, but didn't read a single issue. Seems to long it always put me off. I do read Axias Capital by Felix Salmon, very approchable and reduced to the most important points, no fuss.

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    Flow State
    Absolutely the most useful newsletter I subscribe to. No or Low Vocals music every day. Now my email is a database of music to work to.

    Have discovered new artists and DJs and tracks that I go back to time and time again.

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      Live that one too to explorer new music 👍🏻

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      just subscribed. Looks really interesting. Thanks :)

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      Whoops! Nvm. I see the link now. New to the forum and just figuring out the layout now.

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      Would you mind sharing a link? I'd love to check this out! I tried googling it but couldn't find it.

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    Big fan of @andreboso’s Zero to Marketing. What I love about it is that it takes a systematic view of growth opportunities each week.

    The depth is incredible and although I’m mostly interested in SaaS (and Z2M rarely focuses on it), I’m always surprised at how the examples from outside my experience are relevant to my work.

    Very great.

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      Thank you Marc! 🙏

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    Every week, I humbly tackle reader questions about product, growth, people management, and anything else that’s stressing you out at the office.

    It's highly relevant to what I'm doing, so in my subjective opinion it's great. :)

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    I feel like these are very cliche. But i open and read every one that comes in...

    • Tim Ferriss - 5 bullet friday
    • Kevin Kelly - Recomendo
    • Mark Mason - MindF#ck Monday
    • James Altucher - news letter on linkedin
      and Exploding Topics mentioned in one of the other comments.
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      just a gentle fwiw, james altucher is a bit of a known snake oil salesman. i dont believe he believes a word he says. i'll leave it there since you may like him.

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        I'm not that fussed either way on him as a person. I don't buy anything he sells and write probably won't. I find that stuff a bit click baity.
        But I find his newsletter very thought provoking and it's helps me see things from a different angle.

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    Exploding Topics

    Just discovered recently, but really like the format and content. I think it is a good source of inspiration toward discovering new markets or product ideas.

    I like it because it mixies some light data visualization (a la Google Trends) mixed with some analysis. Really easy to digest and can lead to some creative ideas.

    Plus it is run by indie hackers!

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      Thanks for the shoutout Justin! 🙌 Really glad you like it 😊

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    Snappy data visualizations that are quick to read but deliver deep insights.

    As someone who likes to invest I've found that their blend of tech, business, and politics charts deliver insights that can generate investment ideas.

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      Chartr has also been my favourite as of late!

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        Since you like Chartr, I'd also recommend checking out No Mercy / No Malice by Scott Galloway if you haven't already.

        Chartr is still my 1st pick because it's so pithy, but Scott Galloway also has some great visualizations and insights.


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          Yes I love Scott Galloway’s work! Already subscribed, so it’s my turn to recommend a fun one for you which is Cofounder weekly. Doesn’t go super deep, but super enjoyable business/tech content every week.

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            Alright, I'll check it out. Subscribed!

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    Club MacStories

    • Opinionated Newsletter: about Apple related apps and events, the usage of language feels personal yet professional (?), I can read through it easily
    • Long form —with half of them is a themed content: feels focused so the flow of reading won't be switched too much
    • Weekly: I'd rather a long, weekly newsletter rather than daily one.

    I subscribed to some newsletters, including The Stratechery, Capiche, Indie Hackers, Blogging for Devs. I especially liked the MacStories one. It is a paid newsletter, and I like the contents.

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      Thanks so much for mentioning Blogging for Devs, Yohanes 💛 Someone just subscribed from the link here :)

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        One way to appreciate the knowledges you gave me via the newsletters!

        From the #1 Day mail, I got insights about SEO already, and from there I decided to continue the subscription.
        Thank you from me, I wish for your health and continue your great work!

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    Software Ideas by @Kevcon80

    Does a fantastic job identifying opportunities for bootstrappers.

    In their own words: "Bootstrapped, profitable companies have the unique advantage of being able to thrive in small niches, when a VC-backed company must move upmarket in order to satisfy investors. We look for niches that aren't satisfied with the incumbent offering."

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        Thank you Jared and Paz!! 🥰

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    Probably SoftwareLeadWeekly.
    Being a software engineer and a student of leadership might have something to do with it.

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    Being a bit contrarian, my son runs one called Torque Daily. It's all about cars. We all need to switch off and do something other than work or working on ourselves. A bit of "down time". Reading his newsletter about cars makes me do this. He's only 17 and I've told him he needs to get himself on here!! His site is coming, but you can subscribe via a link on FB. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Cars/Torquedaily-1668199223257075/

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    I have a few, but let me list my top 2


    • Has a variety of high-quality long-form writing in areas I'm interested in
    • Clear and fun ways to explain business strategy in Napkin Math, Divinations
    • Enables me to learn how smart people organize their lives (Superorganizers)
    • Improves my productivity & personal knowledge management (Tiago Forte)

    Declarative Statements

    • Array of curated links on topics I love (investing, economics, technology, education and culture), accompanied by original thought
    • Smart, thoughtful writing
    • Conversational and thought-provoking

    For more, check out my Twitter thread, an expansion on a tweet I wrote that went viral.

    There are 10 amazing newsletters that I've written about, including:
    Maker Mind
    Out of Curiosity
    Brain Food by Farnam Street
    Morning Brew
    3-2-1 by James Clear

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    Maker Mind from Ness Labs...helps me in staying focused and being more productive.

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      Thanks for this link. My kind of gig

      1. 1

        You are very welcome!

        You may like sidebar.io too?

        Have a great day.

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    If you own a newsletter and would like to monetize it, I recently launched a product that can help with that. It's called Sakoo https://sakoo.co/

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    Bunch of them:


    1. James Clear's Newsletter
    2. Ali Abdaal's Newsletter


    1. Julia Evans Newsletter - fun doodles and enjoy reading most of her posts.
    2. TLDR Newsletter from Dan.
    3. Android Weekly
    4. HackerNews
    5. Towards Datascience
    6. The overflow from Stackoverflow.


    1. Benedict Evans Newsletter
    2. Andressen Horowitz's newsletter's - B2B, Growth, Consumer.
    3. Patrick O'Shaughnessy's Invest like it's best. - One should also see the book's collection on his site.


    1. DevRel Weekly
    2. Developer Avocado's weekly
    3. CFPLand for CFP's


    1. Finshots
    2. Economic Times Startups newsletter
    3. SaaS Boomi - anything related to SaaS.


    1. Indie Letters

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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      Thank you for adding Indie letters. 🌺

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    • Simplifies financial news into two easy to read stories daily
    • focuses on personal finance, how story impacts the individual
    • even pay for premium app - is great!
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    Seth Godin. Never regretted it, even if it's a daily newsletter.

    • Short and to the point.
    • Aimed at thriving in general.
    • Useful and inspirational at the same time.
    • The author has an incredible skill of providing daily value staying impressively insightful.
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    • informative
    • good to read on gmail app
    • the right length!
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    • insightful articles every 2 weeks
    • covers product, design, marketing, management, growth, and lifestyle
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    NYTimes The Morning Briefing: great way to see what’s going on in world right in your inbox. https://www.nytimes.com/newsletters/morning-briefing

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    All it is is a curation of blog posts submitted to Hacker News. Most don't get any traction on HN. It's a total random potpourri of all kinds of stuff. Mostly tech related but not always. I find I enjoy at least one post per newsletter.

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    No-Code Briefs
    Short digest containing the latest no-code products and resources.

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    Dude writes short stories that explain market and what values a certain product provides.
    Reading it feels as if professional book writer wrote them.

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    robinhood snacks, the product person, the black book, springwise,

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    Cron.weekly I'd pretty solid if you're a SysAdm/devops

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    Hey, @csallen.
    https://newconsumer.com/ by Dan Frommer. I love it because it is super well researched and easy to read. Dan has been in the industry for a long time. He has direct connections with a lot of people in tech. He doesn't have to scrape information from the web. It is a paid newsletter. I kind of trust his oppinion.

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    Python weekly

    It's a very simple no fluff e-mail with links to relevant Python content. It's very well curated for quality, and organized to quickly find what pertains to you. It's one of the few I actually look forward to every week. And it only gets delivered once a week, so I don't get burnout from to many emails.

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