March 16, 2019

What's the best place to get feedback for a prototype?


The problem is that I don't even know if the idea is good so I'd like some feedback before actually coding it. Currently, it's just a very rudimentary prototype. The first thing that came to mind was product hunt. But now that I've actually looked at it, it seems to be more suited for products past the prototype stage (beta and beyond).

Product hunt know has "Upcoming" pages, is that the place to go?

Or here? Looking at the hastag "product-feedback-request" there doesn't seem to be that much feedback :-)

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    #landing-page-feedback or #product-feedback-request are your best options.

    Lots of people here are happy to pitch in. Some requests get lots of responses, often it depends on how well you request it.

    The trick is to ask the right questions nicely and perhaps state what concerns you may have. And don't make it too short or too long.