March 26, 2020

What's the best screen share software for demoing SaaS?

Dan Schumann @SurrenderComp1337

Hello indie hackers,

I'm starting up a custom t-shirt designer app for screen printers to open up a shop with. It imports apparel from their API to display to their end-users, the end-users design a shirt, and they can purchase. There are a lot of cool features that will make great selling points.

Anyway, I'm wondering what you use to get leads, schedule demos, etc. I hate the sales side of things, I'd rather just make stuff all day!

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    I've been using Zoom to talk to prospects, largely because it ties in directly with most calendar/scheduling tools, which make getting people signed up on calls much easier. The fact you can record calls to review comments and suggestions later is awesome too

  2. 3 You can record you screen and camera and get link of the video when you finish recording , share it with your clients and get their feedback

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    Do you use Gsuite for your company emails? If so just use and share your screen through that.

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    We use Demodesk for all our sales calls and I highly recommend it.

  5. 1 customers are always impressed with it.

    No download required, no account for them and works flawlessly.

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      Golden nugget. Whereby looks great, will try it out!