Twitter January 14, 2021

What's the best Twitter automation tool for growing your audience?

Satvik Pendem @satvikpendem

I'm looking at Hypefury, Buffer, Chirr, etc.

Chirr looks good, by a fellow IHer @kossnocorp, but I'm wondering if Hypefury is a more business oriented tool, also by IHers @samy_ and @YannickVeys. Buffer has non-Twitter stuff I don't really need. I just found Zlappo by @simplisticallysimple, seems to be pretty good as well. Lots of IHers making Twitter apps I see.

Any other suggestions?

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    Thanks for sharing your research.

    My shortlist originally had and MeetEdgar in it. Now I can add Zlappo to the list 👍.

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      +1 for MeetEdgar. It is a little complicated but worth the learning curve.

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    Shameless plug for OneUp

    I am the co-founder 😊

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    I have a few:

    The guys from Mailbrew have recently launched Typefully which is similar to Chirr, just with a less-is-more approach.

    Also for Twitter analytics there is ilo by @dr with some really nice features like (public) dashboards, email digests and more.

    Finally, there is my own free tool which resurfaces old Tweets you liked in the past via a short, weekly email.

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      Thanks for the mention @tgel0 🙌

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      I started using Typefully and it really shines for writing Twitter threads.

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    For an API to automate your social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) check out Ayrshare. It is meant to integrate with your product/platform so you can programmatically post for yourself or your users via the API.

    I'm a co-founder, so please let me know if any questions. Also, I mention Ayrshare because if you have the right data to automate, you can certainly organically grow your Twitter followers. An AI company that generates financial news summaries had 9 followers when they started on Ayrshare. A few months later they are at over 1250 followers.

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    There is one called Had used it once for one project for recurring posts.

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    Wow, I didn't know there are so many tools. Thanks for making a thread, I'll try some of them!

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    Interesting - I haven't come across these types of tools before (only scheduling and community management tools like Hootsuite.) Do they create content for you, or just make the process easier?

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    Hey, 👋 Chirr App author here. I think all those tools are great, but (to not be biased) Hypefury is definitely the pioneer. I love that Samy is doing.

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