Product Development March 12, 2020

What's the best way to ask users for feedback for a consumer app

Ben Noland @bennoland

I've built a body weight tracking app for iOS/Android.

70% of my users who install and sign up use it once or twice and then never again.

  • 20% never even log their weight
  • 38% only log their weight one time
  • 11% only log their weight twice

I have their email address. I was thinking of sending them an email 24 hours after they install and asking them for feedback.

"How are you liking the app so far? What features do you wish it had?"

Any thoughts on this approach or on my numbers?

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    For collecting improvement ideas (feature requests) and identifying the most popular ideas (voting) I recommend

    It's a SaaS tool made for app developers and indie makers, made to find out what users really want. A free plan is available for testing and basic use.

    To start off you can simply add a link to your app and send users to the feedback page.

    (Disclaimer: I built this)

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    I don't think you should ask them for features if they aren't using your product at all. Maybe the users currently on it aren't your early adopters, the visionaries who initially see the true value of the product.

    Another thing you could do is try and figure out, where in the user's daily behavior can your product fit in seamlessly. If the user would have to go out of their way to go to your app and log information then they wouldn't.

    If I may ask, who are the initial set of users using your product in terms of personality, where they are in life and what are they using it for?

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      I am interested in why the ones who are leaving are leaving. Did they find a better app, and what’s better that I could improve?

      Good point on fitting it into to their daily rhythm. I have some ideas on how to improve that.

      I’m not sure about my user demographics at this point.

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    Instead of annoying emails, I would provide a clear and easy-to-use in-app way for them to share their opinion and give suggestions. Also, I would introduce some kind of award program for those who give feedback.

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      there are some platforms with a few lines of code that can have some interaction inside the app natively. so, this is a decent idea.

      i wouldn't ask them if they liked it... because, they could lie to you (many do or just ignore to not feel pressured to lie) — instead, what about building a relationship with these folks? finding a way to connect, learn their frustrations (and motivations to download) is a great start in making the app better.

      customer data. customer interviews. all the things.

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      I’d like to do this as well. This would be more geared toward those who are actually using the app, like how can I make it better.

      I guess I’m more interested in feedback from the 70% who are leaving.