April 28, 2019

What's the best way to monetise my web development video platform?

Aaron Lumsden @aaronlumsden

I recently launched my site https://codevideos.co and am wondering what the best way to monetise it would be?

Here are a few of my thoughts

  • premium video courses
  • create a community around coding and get sponsorship
  • tools for teachers who teach web development. A workspace (think jsbin) that they're able to share with their students and the students can follow along seeing the live updates. Live streaming of video could also be included in this.

Can anyone give any additional ways to monetise it and what are your thoughts on my suggestions?

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    Not trying to be negative or come down on you but I think you may be a ways away from monetization? Just looks like a random collection of YouTube videos.

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      I would totally focus on content first. Personally, what I would do is to try to bring structure to the YouTube videos. YouTube is a great platform but it lacks structure. For example, I cannot have a course with modules and videos inside the modules. It doesn't have an index. Another idea would be to create learning paths. If I want to learn machine learning, which courses should I take?

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        Hey thanks for your advice. That really seems tom make sense to take You Tubes weaknesses and make it better in my product.

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    Cool UI.

    Do you take consent from the YouTube video creators before publishing these on your site?

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      Thanks. Not at the moment but I do intend to highlight the content creators more on the site in the next update

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    It's going to be really hard to monetize a site of other people's YouTube videos that doesn't have any traffic.

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    You seriously need to change that shade of green in email signup form. Your overall design is good, but that green puts me off. It looks unprofessional and it affected my overall perception of your website
    I'm on mobile.

    I'm saying this because I know how feedback is important when you're staring. I wish you success

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      I agree the green is a little jarring. I'll work on a better email signup form for the next iteration.

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    Congrats! I love the structure. You can do premium courses. But it all lies under the amount of traffic you'll get from the free videos you publish. You can also try Medium style and go by cheap monthly/yearly subscription of only the best coding videos available on the internet. I think there's so many ways you can monetize your website as long as you've got some good traffic. It's so hard to find good and advanced coding videos/tutorials. Just work towards that and drive all that traffic to your site and the rest will follow. I don't wanna pay for nothing!

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      Hey, thanks for your feedback and advice.

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    It may be just a collection of YouTube videos at the moment but it doesn't always have to be looked that. Hence the reason I'm asking for ideas

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