April 26, 2019

Whats the difference between a studio verse an agency? Has anyone worked with this studio before? (Pixel Co by Tayler & Eyrc)

Junior Gouzmal @JuniorGouzmal

These guys are gaining popularity and I am wonder what the catch is. I am branching out with my saving and trying to get a design team to spiffy up my concept. Their studio fee seems much for reasonable & feasible than some of the agencies I reached out too. Wondering if there is a catch - In their pitch they mentioned they redesigned Halp and a couple other startups that all recently raised 2-4M this year.

Question to you all - what is the difference between a studio verses an agency? Do most studio's code out prototypes or just design them?

http://trypixel.co is the studio I am about to hire.

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    Studio's are for the most part less expensive (generally 2-4 people) than agencies. I see these guys use Webflow so they most likely don't ship coded backend products but more frontend branding things - which is equally important. I also use Webflow, you can go with a freelancer too. Studio's are generally a step up from a freelancer, and a step below Agencies. Would like other's opinion on this one? Bootstraping it is another way to go about it, but yes i agree its hard getting a solid rep and tracking with something that is ugly, has no brand, or designed poorly.