August 29, 2019

What's the hardest part about staying positive?


Mindset is everything. What do you do to preserve a healthy and productive mindset while working? What's the hardest part about this?

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    Sleep is by far the biggest factor for me 😴 Exercise is a close second - it seems to help with the sleep and overall mood balancing

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    For me its believing something is going to work out with no historical proof of it. You can work for a while without any traction. Yet you have to keep saying something is going to change and workout.

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      This was the answer that I related to the most, do you have any solutions for believing in something w/o historical proof?

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        I think it was the a podcast with the guy who created atomic habits that said to set up your life so you have the least resistance to the things you want to do and more resistance to things you don't want to do. I personally work best in groups and when people rely on me. I rarely live up to my own standards, but I live up to everyone else's. So I try to stick myself in situations where its not about believing something will happen because then ill just never get it done. I try to make as many people rely on me as possible. Because then it HAS to get done.

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    For me it's useful to pause at least once a week and reflect on what I've learned and shipped. Sometimes I haven't hit a larger goal yet but when I list out the details of my work, I can feel my progress.

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      Thats awesome. Do you ever have any trouble remembering to stop and pause? I think i would forget lol

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    Celebrate your progress, even the little things. And don't forget to take a break when you need to.

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    Setting achievable and manageable goals. If you set goals too far away, you never seem to reach them.

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    Your question made me realize that when in my first steps in the entrepreneurship world I was surrounded by many negative people.
    But by believing in my path and staying positive I was able to change people perspective and attract more productive and positive people around me.

    As for having productive mindset i usually:

    • listen to podcasts in my niche few times a week
    • running.
    • drinking cold beer after a hot day
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      Podcast point is an excellent "hack"
      Exercise feels great I just wish I had access to an unmanned track.

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      Big +1 for a nice cold beer. How did you manage to stay positive if you don't mind me asking?

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    Working on something I trully love and believe will have a positive impact

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    don't have a solution for me. Still, have dozens of ups and downs all the time.
    And I go to the gym, eat healthy food 🥦, sleep well...

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    I think it can be tough to strike a balance of optimism and realism. You have to believe in a product a lot in order to build it, but you also need to listen to user's criticisms as appropriate. I think it can also be very emotionally tough for people to leave their salaried fulltime jobs for a non-paying, very isolating job.

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      I feel you, I've definitely felt lonely working from home for extended periods of time. Sounds like you've had similar experiences? Any luck coming up with a solution for staying positive?

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        I haven't found a particular solution. I think it's just basics around general mental health, so exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, socialize regularly. I don't know much beyond that, sorry! For me it's been mainly important to stay in touch with friends and excoworkers, and to work outside my home whenever possible (cafes and libraries).

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    During this period i start to see that a correct sleep is a big factor to stay positive and productive

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