Newsletter Crew October 26, 2020

What's the last newsletter you signed up for and why?


Everyone wants to know how to get more subscribers for their newsletter.

Turning the question around, what compelled you to recently subscribe to a newsletter and how did you discover it?

I'll go first.

I was throwing spaghetti code at the wall and asking people what they thought. One of those people was @andreboso who sent me a link to @mijustin's article Selling Stuff on a Busy Beach.

I didn't sign up after reading the article even though it was thoughtful. It was only after skimming a few other posts and seeing the caliber of his writing, his thinking, did I finally hand over my email address.

  1. 3

    If you're into design, art or anything thought-provoking, Dense Discovery ( is just amazing. A top newsletter for me hands down :)

    1. 1

      How did you first find out about it?

      1. 1

        Don't remember exactly, but probably Twitter :D

  2. 3

    Build in Public by thisiskp on twitter !

    I was looking for Twitter users who were building in public and growing their audience this way, found him, went to his site, saw that he had a newsletter covering some creators I already knew, & just like that, I decided to subscribe.

    1. 1

      Did you only join for market research about the build in public trend, or has this newsletter been missing from your life for some time?

      1. 2

        well, I joined because I'm curious about the subject, but then again I'm subscribed to at least 20 newsletters already so convincing me to sign up to another one is quite easy lol

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