What's up in the UK / Europe?

I love podcasts to do with tech and business (Indie Hackers, How I Built This, etc) but I don't know of any that are UK / Europe based. Anyone got any recommendations?

I live in London, and while the IT scene is booming I feel I know more about Silicon Valley startups than homegrown ones.

Is this something other people would be interested in? I've never blogged before but I was thinking of finding interesting startups to interview.

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    Hi @jameschets,

    Are you familiar with the Zero to 100 Show? Sharlene and Tony Chance from South London used to run this podcast. They'd often share their entrepreneurial story as part of it: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/zero-to-100-show

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    Hey James, I'm originally from the UK and spent quite a while in the London tech scene. Don't know of any podcasts like you describe, but I think a blog/podcast highlighting those stories would be interesting!

    (my new podcast, Sales For Founders, would technically qualify - but it's more on the actionable learning side and less on highlighting stories)

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    Have not come across one to date, and would certainly be interested in listening to one. Keep me updated!

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    Hey James. I'm UK (Brighton) based and would love to hear more local stories.

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