Deals November 25, 2019

What's your black Friday deal?

Tim @MisterHat

Few days left before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Do you plan to offer a deal?

Have you done it the previous years?

Share your deal or experience in comment so can all benefit from your offer and learnings :-)

I'll add them in the original post frenquently.

Curated Indie Hackers deals:

Cruip all landing page templates at $49 (30% OFF)
Achieved 75% discount on our monthly subscription for 12 month via this link: 50% off on our Pro plan
HR Partner 50% OFF Lifetime deal via
Blogcast 50% off during the entire friday, no coupon needed
EmailOctopus 99% Off with this coupon :
Lunch Money ( 30% off any plan forever with code CYBERMONDAY

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    Btw Nathan Latka shared a list of 125 deals that can access via this link:

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    At Cruip, we're offering all landing page templates at $49 (30% OFF)!

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    50% off on our Pro plan at — create beautiful and modern about pages for yourself, your pets, and your brands!

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    We haven't officially launched it yet (coming tomorrow!) but we're offering 99% off for your first month of EmailOctopus:

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    We are putting up the price of our year's subscription to $1,000,000.
    Visitors can share the page to bring the price down by $1.

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      Veed looks nice!
      @sabba might be time to update your pricing page. It's still written that you're only making 250$ MRR. Don't know if this can have a negative impact on your sales... 🤷🏻‍♂️ (my 2 cents)

      1. 1

        Hi Mister, I missed that one, just pushed and update now!

        1. 1

          congrats for the amazing milestone btw!

          1. 1

            Thank you! Happened so fast, we were at ramen just last month...

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    We are offering a 50% off lifetime deal for our HR SaaS -

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    Blogcast is gonna be 50% off during the entire friday, no coupon needed 😁

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    Oh! I forgot to share our own deal.

    We offer 75% discount on our monthly subscription for 12 month via this link:

    D'ont remember what we do?

    Achieved helps you build a sense of belonging among your team, helping people stay inline with your company’s objectives and track achievements.

    Achieved is a flexible, intuitive and user friendly tool that will help you address the typical challenges you may fact if your organisation is rapidly scaling. 
    Achieved currently adresses 3 pillars of an organisations life: daily (asynchronous) standups, Objective tracking & announcements.

    • Daily standup: Their simple check-in/checkout system helps everyone give the ideal level of detail on their daily activities.
    • Objective tracking: a very basic yet powerful tool to track your OKR and build the connection with you daily activities.
    • Announcements: Every teams achieve great things. You’ll now have a great tool to spread out the news.
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    We don't do any sort of % discount, rather offering free credit for the software to prolong testing period. This works better for us because people have more time to think if it's worth using our solutions in their workflows.

    Our deal is $100 credit for LiveAgent or Post Affiliate Pro

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    At we are offering a 20% off on monthly Design & Design + Code Plans

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    Not strictly a Black Friday deal, but I do have a discount for Indie Hackers - on my Sales for Founders course!

    If you sign up for the waitlist before December 10th, you'll get $20 off the self serve track, and $200 off the coaching track.

    So - if you're thinking about learning just enough sales to grow from $0 to $10k in MRR anyway - then this is the deal for you 💁‍♂️

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    25% off our drip email courses if someone is looking for the best info we have on resume creation, LinkedIn Profile enhancement or interview preparation. More details here and the first lesson is free, or

    For the past 4+ years, I have run a professional services firm assisting career seekers on the topics above. Most of our services are premium level (full professional editing and/or coaching). This was our effort to offer a core set of fundamentals for DIYers.

    Thanks all.

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    Lunch Money (, a multicurrency personal finance & budgeting tool for the modern-day spender, is offering 30% off any plan forever with code CYBERMONDAY.

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    Should we have one?

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      What do you think?

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