August 9, 2020

What's your bounce rate & average time spent on landing?

Victor @Akcium

So for those who use analytics tools, what's the average time people spent on your landing and what's the bounce rate?

You may also post your landing here among with the numbers

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    Bounce rate doesn't mean much. It's the percentage of people who leave your website after viewing only one page.

    A high bounce rate isn't necessarily a bad thing: it might mean that visitors immediately found what they were looking for.

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    62% with 3:06 average duration, as can be seen on our live demo:
    Dashboard Screenshot

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      Looks great
      But could you tell me, what is actually bounce rate? Like, when user opens the page and then closes it immediately, am I right?

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        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    71% bounce rate and 1min 20secs average visit duration for my 2 product landing pages.
    I recently reinstalled Matomo in my website, but the bounce rate used to be around 62% or so in July.

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      I see.
      My bounce rate is 82% and avg time is 1:03.
      No idea though what times are good or bad :)

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        I think around 40-50% are OK. Your bounce rate is for Pinger?

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          Thought to be honest I don't event know right definition of bounce rate. Like if user entered the site and then closed it immediately? If so, what does immediately mean: 1 second, 5 seconds? :)

          p.s. I saw your request for landing page advice, will do!

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            A "bounce" is when a user enters a page and does not navigate to another page. It's normal for Pinger to have a high bounce rate since it's a single-page website. Though the visit duration might be further optimized. See what your users are doing in that 1 minute and where they drop off.

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            You could try changing the terminal-style font and color. I really don’t like them and perhaps other people don’t either. Do some A/B testing on that and see how the audience reacts to the change.

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              Thank you. I don't like it too, while others usually said that it's cool.

              But look, it's good to test this stuff when you have decent traffic I guess? Since when I have like 50-100 visitors/day I don't think that it's crucial

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    60% with 2m 12s as average duration for ours.

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    We have many apps. It really depends on the app. Let me list some:

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    • 📈 62% bounce rate
    • 47s average session duration
    • 👪 1,273 users
      BuildFaster analytics
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    Looks average time spend is high 30 seconds.

    I got a really low bounce rate. But bounce rate isn't a good metric to go off by.

    Cuz it can get skewed on events being triggered.

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