May 22, 2019

What's your business model?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

One of the habits I've had over the years is trying to figure out the business models of websites or companies that I came across. I would ask myself - 'How does this thing make money?'

I would then question whether that was something I could apply to my business...or potential business idea.

I think it could be really useful for indie hackers to share their business model.

So what is your business model? Or planned business model?


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    Great question.

    Keeping it simple with Versoly:

    • Charge an annual fee

    Might be adding a service part where we do the copywriting for the customers landing page:

    • One time fee
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      You've got to include the 'https' for your links to work :)

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        Thanks :)

  2. 4 - Subscriptions - Adsense, Affiliate programs (Amazon, etc) - Affiliate programs

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    Ok here goes:


    • I sell courses


    • I sell design resources


    • I sell mugs

    Five Ideas A Day

    • I sell ebooks


    • I sell job posts

    Cooee Network

    • I sell sponsored posts
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      That's a really diverse set of projects, well done!

      A slight correction to your list above:

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        Thank you so much for flagging these issues, will 100% tick them off today :)

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      I like this list as it shows one thing: simplicity works

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        Cheers Patric :)

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      Curious do you mind sharing mrr? Curious how small/simple side projects do... I'd love to have something that just does 1k a month on top my freelancing.

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        None of my businesses is MRR there all one-off payments. My next side project will have an MRR model for sure.

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          I'm wanting to start an uptime monitor and a wp maintenance service, and hosting. My plan is create services that complement each other so I can gain customers for one product from one of the others.

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          I consider 1-offs to be MRR if for instance you 'avg' 5 sales per month at $50 your MRR would then be 250.... though subscription models seem like the way to go to have more sustainable numbers and a livelier portfolio.

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    My business model for is very simple.

    I run it as a freemium product. Anyone can set up a free FAQ / knowledge base with the majority of the features.

    The only paid plan costs just $10/month and unlocks additional features.

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    To be honest, I'm still figuring it out for

    But at the moment, I'm basically selling a service where a the deliverable is a document:

    1. One time document for a set fee.
    2. Recurring and updating document for a yearly/recurring fee.
    3. Partnerships/Consulting for a variable (probably hourly) fee.

    I'm planning on A/B testing all of the price points sooner or later.

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    I'll start.

    With Ministry of Testing we:

    • sell conference tickets
    • sell sponsorships packages for the conferences
    • sell access to our online learning/content/membership platform
    • sell promotion/advertising/marketing opportunities to companies
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    PRIVASiM is a simulator game and a platform for privacy apps such as duck duck go, brave and VPN services.

    • Game sales
    • Partnering with privacy focused apps such as duck duck go, brave and VPN services.
  8. 1 - sell physical book.

    Our USP is in the automagical layout but it's only available in the printed book, no PDFs.

  9. 1 - Unlimited graphic design & Web UI/UX with code

    • Design on subscription
    • Design & Code on subscription
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    Productized service that offers unlimited design with a subscription model

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    • free content
    • premium ad partners
    • local ad partners (SMB)
    • affiliate
    • selling digital products (abandoned due to high effort, low return)

    Android Apps

    • free content
    • banner ads
    • in app purchases for more content

    • free content
    • affiliate
    • selling own physical products
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    I run - A knowledge base/help center to basically ease the burden of customer support. ( Im still trying to come up with a better name)

    Right now I'm not selling anything as I'm in need of beta tester and would like to polish my service a bit more, even though it already offers a lot of "premium" features. My planned business model is to sell a monthly subscription i.e. turn into a SaaS, hopefully it works out.

    The response on my release post on indiehacker was kind of underwhelming(non-existent?), however, if you would like to give me some kind of feedback on the landing page or anything else I'd extremely appreciate it! Here's my post

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    Charge a monthly fee of $9.99 or a yearly fee of $99.99 for our VPN service

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    With CryptoTrader.Tax we charge a one-off fee for each tax season a user wishes to generate a report for.

    Moving forward, we are hoping to setup an annual subscription service targeted towards CPAs and other tax professionals who are wanting to manage reporting for multiple clients.

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