October 2, 2019

What's your experience with lobste.rs?

Patrik Krupar @pkrupar

Someone here also on lobste.rs? It looks like a better version of Hacker News, more dev oriented at least. I tried to create an account and found out that you need to get invited first. That's a bummer.

  1. 2

    I can send you an invite, I believe

    EDIT: just sent, check your email

    1. 1

      Any chance I can get an invite as well? Thanks!

    2. 1

      @csallen Would love an invite too if I'm not too late

    3. 1

      Hey @csallen, I would love an invite too :)

    4. 1

      That's just fantastic! Worked like a charm. I really appreciate it, @csallen 🙏

  2. 1

    Pretty good so far.

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