What's your favorite book, article or resource on how to find good problems?

Arguably the hardest but also most important job as an indie hacker is finding good problems you can solve.

I'd love to hear what your favorite book, article or resource on this topic is.

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    Hey @jakobgreenfeld!

    I wrote an article on how to find saas ideas, where the main focus is on finding problems. It has step-by-step actions you can take to find problems to solve.

    I also go into how to validate some sort of demand for it using search keyword data (google adwords, ubersuggest etc)

    Lmk if I can answer anything for ya!

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      When I searched for similar articles, I found this useful list https://github.com/nicolas-racchi/SaaS4Devs#-get-ideas-for-your-product (which also contains your article.)

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        Oh dope! I didn't know they linked back to it. Thanks for sharing, Jakob!

        Any luck so far on finding problems that are interesting to tackle?

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          I still haven't found a really good idea but I'm currently writing down lots of ideas each day using different methods until I find one I like. But your article was really helpful!

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            nice, flex those idea muscles. Feel free to ping me on Twitter if you wanna bounce ideas off each other :)

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      Thanks! I will read it today

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    I've written a highly actionable book for generating product ideas 😊

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