What's your favorite no-code database?

I've been hacking away with Airtable and I like how friendly it feels. I really think it's the Trello of no-code databases. Actually, I even introduced my sister to it and she's been solving tons of problems with it in her non-coding related job.

What's your favorite and why did you pick that one over the others?

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    It totally depends on the data you’re working with.

    1. Google Sheets has a huge limit (can have 1+ million cells).
    2. Airtable is user friendly and visually better, but limits your rows. If you have a team working within a database daily Airtable is great.
    3. Trello and Asana are good if you want to have conversations within a specific database record.
    4. If you’re working with people records then any CRM is best.

    Finally a curveball answer: MongoDB is friendly enough where a no code person could probably use it. They have a Zapier and Integromat integration. Hope this helps!

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      Nice curveball. Do you know of any good no-code or low-code ways to manage what's in a MongoDB database?

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        MongoDB has a free tier and they also have a web UI so anyone can search and edit records.

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    Totally agree with you @marcusstenbeck

    I've been using Airtable for years in multiple database-driven projects as well as my own swapfiles, I recently expanded it into a side project.

    Other than that - Notion :)

    I really like their flexibility and dynamic building blocks, and I'm using it to display tools, directories and so on. Just like this project!

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    You can also check out Stackby or sheet2api.

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    Airtable and I think once the custom block open for all, there will be more innovation ideas flow in on how to use it.

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    Ofcourse Google Sheets :) and thats why we are building a robust no code engine for Google Sheets.

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    baserow.io has been open sourced today. I had it on my list for a few months. I'll definitely take a look at it.

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    I use Airtable and am a big fan of it. However I can't wait for notion.so's api to go live.

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      Do you have plans already of what you're going to do with Notion's API?

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    Airtable for more modern spreadsheet UX, integrations, blocks and views. But Google Sheets for ubiquity and zero onboarding needed (everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet).

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      Good point about Google sheets being absolutely zero onboarding. I don't know one person who wouldn't be able to understand how to use Google sheets.

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      Why? Have you tried any alternatives?

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