Developers September 25, 2020

What's your favorite open source project you use daily?

Csaba Kissi @ckissi

We all use open source stuff to build our projects. I'm wondering whats your favorites.

I'll mention three actually.

For me, it's Vue, TailwindCSS, and Laravel.

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    Mainly use :

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    the "household names" like Django and React that I use in almost every project.

    Slate for rich text editing.

    Pretrained ML/NLP models by HuggingFace, and spaCy is also great for NLP

    Recently I open sourced the web clipper extension (with automatic metadata extraction) for Rumin

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      Cool, Oh Slate. Does it support also image uploads?

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        Slate doesn't support image upload out of the box, but it is easy enough to extend for any purpose (which is what I love about it). There are examples that are easy to follow for rendering images.

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          Good to know. Thanks

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    Bulma (CSS), Go, Caddy, MariaDB, GitLab

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    I use NestJS, Prisma, Postgres for backend and react, react-query, chakra-ui for frontend

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    • Nextjs
    • VS Code
    • styled-components
    • eslint/prettier
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    I primarily use Rails, and the surrounding ecosystem which builds heavily on OSS.

    Also: TailwindCSS

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    • Django
    • Bootstrap
    • VScode
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