Community Building February 4, 2020

What's your LinkedIn profile?

Courtney E. Scott @Scottworks

I recently saw someone posting about Twitter handles, and thought, why not LinkedIn? My network is saturated with one archetype, I would love to diversify a bit. I'll start...

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    🚀Don't forget to connect with me -

    I share my daily product hunt finds, insights about UX/UI design, and my personal design journey.

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      nice! Im looking forward to getting updates

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    Growth and team leadership coach to SaaS founders. Would love to connect!

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    Nice idea! I'm a front end/JS developer

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    Hi everyone, here is mine:

    My side gigs aren't on there yet as I'm looking to make them permanent.

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    Is that archetype recruiters by any chance? (not humblebragging but that seems to be the only invite I get these days!)

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      hahaha, yes. I get a lot of recruiters these days and Developers.

  7. 1 - post about marketing stuff

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    Freelance Lead Data Scientist & Software Developer:

    Current open-source project regarding Managing ALL your Personal Data:

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    Same here: lawyer and software dev here :

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    Happy to exchange ideas among early-stage startup investment, growth marketing, community building, and UX design. Let's chat:

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    Business builder, developer, marketer;

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    Use to do front-end development, but now I switched over to business development. Connect w/ me on LinkedIn too.

    Nice to meet y'all!

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    Software Engineer too here.
    let's connect!

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    Another software engineer here:
    Feel free to connect!

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    I am a software engineer working in the .Net full stack!

  17. 1 be me. Digital marketing is what I show there, but my newsletter is really where I share what I'm doing more frequently.

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    This is a great idea. My Linkedin feed is getting really dull and the content is mostly regurgitated these days.

    I do UX research, design and strategy in the innovation space!

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      What is the innovation space?

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      i'll hop on tzeyings since we work together 😊