Podcasters October 30, 2019

What's your podcasting stack?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

From start to finish, what do you use to get your podcast published?

From services to host podcast, to hardware, to promotion, to tools that help you get things done.

I ask because @jamesdevonport told me about Descript, and I thought that was cool and other indie hackers should really know about that! And then it got me thinking that people who podcast probably know about other nifty tools or services.

Do share!

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    Hey all.

    I record a few of my own podcasts with friends / live streams we do, but mainly work on client's shows so I've got a bit of a random podcasting stack:

    I think that's it? I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has.

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    Here's what I currently use:

    I haven't tried them yet, but these apps generate shareable video clips:

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    I am using Shure SM7B as my primary mic, just updated and love it. Simplecast and Anchor to host, depends on the needs, Smash Notes to take notes, and @RecordEditPodcast as a superstart editor.

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      What would be the obvious draw towards (or away from) either Simplecast and Anchor?

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        S - Got an awesome team behind it, they are always there to help. You pay to have people help you, and you also get more advanced set of options.

        A - Free and easy to start, but you are one in a million. Don't expect extra, and stay within the options available.

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    Awesome, my podcasting flow is super basic so looking forward to some great suggestions here!

    Currently I record via Zoom (best quality I've found after trying out numerous paid and free options) using a Blue Yeti mic.

    Then edit with Audacity and currently distribute/share using Anchor.fm

    Will switch to something like Transistor.fm for publishing/distribution soon though, as I'd like to have more control and insight into the numbers than Anchor allows.

    Also, I use wavve.co to create a short video teaser of the content that I can share on Twitter etc.

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      Hey @louisswiss I'd love to have you give AudioStaq.com a try.

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        I'm open to trying something new, but it involves work/commitment on my end.

        Can you explain a bit about why I should use AudioStaq (and not, say Transistor)?

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          Well, right now we offer features for podcasters who are either planning or have lots of promotions and advertising they want to do.

          For example, we have a campaign/promo manager. https://audiostaq.com/images/campaigns.jpg

          Transistor is a solid product. We have a different core focus. So, I would say it depends on what your goals are. We are pretty invested in monetization features.

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            Thanks for the follow up!

            Doesn't sound like a great fit for me right now, as I don't monetise the podcast at all and have no plans to do so in the future.

            Thanks though and good luck :)

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    Got introduced to Descript last week and <3 it!

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    I use:

    Works quite well.

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    I’ve heard great things about both zencastr.com and squadcast.fm for remote recording.

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    I want to save this to get back to it later, how does one bookmark a post on IndieHackers?

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      It's not possible yet, I believe it's on the backlog of things to do. You've commented, so you should be able to scroll back on your profile history to find it again. Or alternatively, know that this post exists on the Podcasters group.

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    I, uh, have some seriously lo-fi gear compared to all you folks with real audio equipment!

    So do you need to spend a bunch of money to get started on your podcast? No. Will your listeners be able to tell the difference? Probably so! Whether that matters to you, starting out, depends entirely on your podcast and your listeners! My podcast has very few listeners right now, so it's not a big deal.

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    Still trying to figure some of this out, but here goes:

    • Mics: Audio Technica ATR2100
    • Recording Software: Zoom
    • Preamp: Scarlett
    • Editing: Logic Pro X and Pro-Tools
    • Hosting: Transistor.fm
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    Thanks for the mention @rosiesherry!

    Here's my stack of tools I use - currently making two different podcasts using this.

    • Mic. Blue Yeti. Looked into this quite a bit and this seemed to be about the best option, I've used it for single person and multi person interviews and it works nicely.

    • Recording. GarageBand. I simply plug my mic into my MacBook or iPad to make recordings and save the file in Garageband, this lets me make any audio tweaks such as removing noise etc.

    • Editing. Descript.com. I take the MP3 I exported from Garageband and add it to Descript. Then you can basically edit your podcast like a Google Doc (I LOVE this as it means I don't have to listen to myself over and over!) You get 3 hours of free transcribing a month which is probably enough for most people.

    • Publishing. Anchor.fm. I use anchor to put together the final edit, and add music from their free stock library. The great thing is Anchor also host your podcast, and make a nice landing page for it - as well as distributing it to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc... all for free.

    I'm still a newbie at the whole podcasting thing but I find it fairly easy to do with the above tools, and it doesn't take ages to do it!

    Happy to answer any questions on any of those if anyone has any ☺️

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      Is the Descript transcribing done by humans or machine? Or is it completely transparent to the user? Just curious.

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        You can choose machine (google speech to text) or human ($1.25 per minute).

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