What's your "Podcasting Tech Stack"?

I finally took the leap and recorded my first podcast episode! Now, as a result of having more free time on my hands this week, I've started researching podcasting tools & resources to help me with the next steps.

It can get really overwhelming once you realize how many different tools exist out there. I think that's actually what made podcasting so intimidating for me. I didn't want to record an episode until I owned a fancy microphone, knew how to edit the audio, commit to paying for hosting, and all of this is before I even come up with the content I want to talk about!

I finally got over all of that. I picked up my phone, and just started talking. Sure, it's not the best podcast episode I've ever heard, but at least it gives me something to build on. It also finally gives me an audio file that I can actually use to gain some experience editing, generating transcripts, etc.


  • What's your podcasting tech stack?
  • What are some of your favorite tools I should check out?
  • Show us a picture of your setup 🎙

I look forward to learning from all of you, that's what this community is best for!

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    Hey @schoon! The Podcast Community is super open & welcoming in our experience. @rockwellfelder & I Co-Founded SquadCast & we Co-Host the Between 2 Mics podcast. Our podcast tech stack is...

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    Hey Dan, welcome to the Podcasting Family! Been the host of Podcast Junkies http://pjnk.es, since 2014. It's a bit meta, a show where I interview other podcasters!

    Current tech stack:

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    Hosting: Transistor.fm (big fan)
    Microphone: Samson Q2U
    Recording: Zencastr

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      Yea, I'm loving Transistor so far. Their help docs have been amazing for helping me get things up and going.

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      I love what the Descript product is building. I can't wait to really get to use it.

      How do you like your microphone? I've been looking at the Yeti Blue one. I'm ordering one this weekend.

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        Descript is really helpful. It makes it easy to rearrange a conversation and edit parts out.

        Microphone is great! I also have an ATR-2100 if I need two microphones which is basically the same thing. The main thing to be aware of is the Q2U and the ATR-2100 are dynamic microphones so you need to speak pretty close to the mic. The big positive with this is that it sounds pretty good even if your environment is not perfect.

        I used to use the little stand that came with the mic, but it's a lot more comfortable if you get a boom arm. I use the MBA38 but there are lots of options.

        The Blue Yeti can be a good mic and you don't need to speak nearly as close to it. The downside is it will pick up all the sounds in your room like fan noise or people shuffling around so it can be a lot harder for it to sound good. I don't recommend people start with it unless they know they are recording in an ideal studio-like environment.

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    Hi Dan,

    I use a Fifine Mic,
    Audacity to record and edit (my podcast is largely unedited),
    YouTube for Transcripts,
    Headliner for audio to video,
    streamlabs to live-stream, and
    mailchimp for email,

    I actually recorded an episode about my podcasting stack today

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      YouTube for Transcripts!? How's that work?

      This is my first time hearing about Streamlabs too, that looks legit. So do you stream to Youtube and then download the transcript that they generate?

      Share your channel link with us so people can check it out!

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        Here’s the video for transcripts.


        I upload the video and after a while it transcribes it and I download it.

        You should hang out in Open Podcast!! The link is in my profile

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    I’ll start with my initial (super simple) setup...

    That’s about it for now!

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    Had a variety of Plink customers contribute their podcasting stack to the VIPlink Series here: https://plinkhq.com/blog/viplink/

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    Welcome to podcasting @schoon! Like @zachmoreno mentioned, this community is very welcoming and always supportive of each other.

    If you’re looking for an automated way to share you podcast on social media check out our platform called Repurpose.io (I’m the founder)

    It automatically converts your podcast into videos and uploads them to multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter helping you get even more reach.

    You can try it out for free here - https://repurpose.io

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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