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What's your tech stack for your podcast?

Janel @Janel

I'd love to know what all of you are using for your podcasts.

Please do link to:

  • The software you're using (just digital products, not hardware), and share a bit about what you use it for!
  • Your podcast

I'll be featuring this link in my upcoming product, Podcast OS

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    I go into a lot of detail on my podcast tech stack in this article: The Power of Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

    but here is the gist of it:

    Mic: Started with an ATR2100 which was great for a long time, but then upgraded to a Blue Yeti with a boom stand and pop filter.

    Recording: If it's a solo episode, I use a Mac program called Audio Hijack. If its an interview, I use Zencastr.

    Editing: For quick edits I use Descript if I'm doing it myself, but this is usually outsourced to an audio engineer.

    Hosting: Libsyn for Growth Marketing Toolbox and Buzzsprout for Learn Growth Marketing. If I had to do it again, I'd go with Buzzsprout all the way.

    Website: I use this handy app called Podcastpage to create a site for one of my shows that automatically updates. It's really cool.

    One piece of advice I have is to invest in a professional intro/outro with some nice music and a voiceover. Really adds a level of professionalism to a show.

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      Thanks as always, Nicholas!

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    For our podcast https://www.theprocessisblackandwhite.com/ we use https://tryca.st/ for recording and hosting. The site is Gatsby. We don't have special headphones or microphones but keep talking about getting them.

    I like Gatsby because it's a fun platform to build on. Trycast is a good fit for us because getting started was so easy.

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    Mic: 3x Shure SM7B with Trition fethead
    Recording: Adobe Audition
    Editing: Adobe Audition
    Hosting: Anchor
    Promo video: Adobe Premiere Pro

    And here's a link to my podcast Beter dan Koffie!. It's a Dutch podcast where we define problems with guests with expertise in a niche and brainstorm about possible solutions (problem-solution fit in a podcast).

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      Thank you Jopha! Looks like you're an Adobe fan there.

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    I host Negocios Online. it's similar to the Indie Hackers podcast but in Spanish.

    • Use my own product to host, Caproni
    • Headliner for doing videos to promote episodes
    • Currently have my site on Podpage, but will move the site to my own solution soon.
    • Zencastr for recording interviews
    • Audacity for editing.
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      Thanks Gabriel for sharing!

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      What's the reason for own solution?

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        Will move the site to my own solution since I want to dogfood my product.

        I'm just about to finish a new feature that creates a podcast site for you under your own domain.

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    I'm the host of The Audience Explorer, a podcast about audience development for entrepreneurs and creators. My tech stack:

    • Microphone: AT2020USB
    • Descript: Recording and transcription
    • Transistor.fm: hosting for audio and show notes
    • GatsbyJS: static site generation for web pages (to publish the transcripts)
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      Thank you for sharing, Matthias!

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    Zencastr and Descript help me a lot.

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    I'm a co-host of the AstronautiCAST Italian space podcast. Our tech stack:

    • StreamYard: live episode recording
    • Trello: show notes
    • YouTube, Facebook, Twitch live video: streaming episodes
    • custom software: downloading raw recordings, audio processing, show notes creation, episode publishing
    • WordPress: publishing
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      Thanks Paolo, fun podcast theme. How're you liking Streamyard?

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        Fun indeed, the sky is literally the limit.

        I love StreamYard. It has a key feature we use a lot, optionally playing the audio of windows or tabs when screensharing. This allows, for example, to stream prerecorded interviews or segments.

        However, sometimes arranging a screen layout with many guests is a bit involved and unintuitive. And it would be useful to have a built-in soundboard.

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    Bruno Talks With

    YT channel

    Anchor fm for distribution (spotify, google podcasts, apple podcasts + bunch of other platforms)

    Since I had video conversations, I used iMovie to set everything up, and later extract the audio .

    Canva for some visuals.

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      Thanks for sharing Bruno!

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